Clayboy explains the Vatican offer in plain English

Blogger Clayboy explains the offer by the Vatican to the Anglicans. Some excerpts:

I - 1-5 Anglicans must believe exactly the same things as Roman Catholics, but can escape local structures. As former heretics they will come under the direct authority of the Holy Inquisition, which can bypass the local bishops as needed. Ordinariate is newspeak for an ersatz diocese that doesn’t have a local bishop, but is run directly from Rome.

II. You can forget the local freedom you were used to as Anglicans.

III. You can still go on using the Roman Rite, only now you’ll be able to use it legally. If you have actually been using a heavily modified Anglican rite, you can always ask us to approve it. We will be happy to consider your many illegal adaptations and see if we can pretend they are your Anglican heritage. You will, however have to give up that really valued heritage of illegally modifying things to your own satisfaction.

VI. 1-5 We’d just like to point out that you’re not in Holy Orders yet. Yours are absolutely null and void. You – the fake bishop – may allow celibate Anglican priests to train and become real priests in the Catholic Church. You may only allow married men to do so with the Pope’s permission. You should encourage your priests to try to work with the local diocesan priests, who will, quite frankly almost certainly look down on them. The not-quite-a-bishop and the real bishop should try to identify some things ex-Anglicans might be able to do with the real Catholics in your area.

XI. You are not your own boss. Get used to it. The Inquisition is keeping an eye on you.

XII. All your many divorced and remarried members will be excommunicated. You will need to get them annulments. Until you can set up your own mechanisms, you can use the local diocesan tribunal.

XIII. We will decide what your structures are, but to sweeten the taste we’ll look at whether to give you a fake cathedral as well as a fake diocese.

Read it all here.

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Oh I can feel the swift breeze of religious hot air blowing boldly accross the barren land of second quality ministry...draught (again) gracias.

The Anglicans heading toward Rome should be aware that the Vatican may change the rules AFTER the Anglicans enter the Roman games, and by fiat, possibly without consultation with them.

June Butler

Yes, the AC makes it very clear that Anglicans are converting to the Roman Catholic Church, lock stock and barrel. Should that surprise anyone? No. The terms of the AC and the way in which it came about make it crystal clear that the RCC is an absolute monarchy and that converts must accept that. Much of the wording of the AC is vague. But what is not vague is that power rests at the top and that all decisions will be handed down from the Vatican at its discretion. If that's what one thinks Christianity is all about, then go for it. I for one believe that the Anglican Communion still holds the widest and deepest experiences of Christianity.
Ron Caldwell

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