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There is a whole lot more coverage today of President-elect Barack Obama's decision to invite Rick Warren to offer the invocation at his inauguration. Some pundits suggest that Warren's selection is politically astute. Pastor Dan at Street Prophets is having none of it.

The Café has expressed its own doubts about Warren who has linked arms with the most outspoken homophobes in the Anglican Communion in their campaign against the Episcopal Church.

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Wasn´t Rick Warren listed with the original Common Cause Partnership crowd? Then, magically, poof, quickly (smartly?) removed...presto change-o this guy is as slippery as they come...not a spiritually healthy, or well thought-out (regardless of how Obama rationalized it today) the Obama Transition Team thoroughly checking these folks OUT? Applauding a pal/supporter and instigators of fear, hate, persecution and witchunting at The Anglican Communion and in Nigeria and Uganda such as Akinola and Orombi is NOT good judgment or ¨balanced.¨

Yes, in fact you are exactly right. And if you note of late, he has taken to mildly disparaging TEC in many of his comments.

I caught that link to CC, and in a few days, thanks to exposure elsewhere, they nixed it.

Interesting, isn't it?

One can only imagine that Warren, in his support of AB Orombi cannot possibly support lgbt persons. Folks that think that talking him down off this position don't understand, for some strange reason, that the Southern Baptist dogma is non-negotiable on this point.

[editor's note: we need your full name next time, cany.]

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