Obama reaches across the aisle

Marc Ambinder:

Here's a bit of a surprise: Dr. Rick Warren of Saddleback Church will give the formal invocation at Barack Obama's inauguration. The good pro-life theologian first met Obama in 2006 at a Saddleback AIDS forum in California. Obama used the occasion to press the evangelical pastors present to embrace "realism" when they considered the issue; preach abstience, yes, but preaching against contraception can kill. (Here's some of what Obama said that day: "I know that there are those who, out of sincere religious conviction, oppose such measures. And with these folks, I must respectfully but unequivocally disagree. I do not accept the notion that those who make mistakes in their lives should be given an effective death sentence.")

When I interviewed Obama last year, he told me that the moment was integral to his decision to run for president; when was the last time, he had asked himself, when a Democrat had had such dialog with pastors about AIDS?

Who's not happy? The American Spectator and the Washington Blade.

Obama is likely to undo Bush-era abortion rules.

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Sarah Posner sensed the announcement in the air (see points 1 and 3). But on the announcement she finds herself "speechless."

Can you say "team of rivals?"

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I'm definitely ticked off about the choice of Pro-H8 Warren to give an Inaugural invocation, and went to discussion site at Obama's Change.gov to say so: http://change.gov/page/content/discussservice

Add your voice---tell Obama, "Say NO to homophobes!"

JC Fisher

Well, I suppose hearing from Warren might not be so bad if this is the last we hear from him. Change can still allow a last chance for the displaced folks to say goodbye....

Marshall Scott

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