Armed with a banana

The Detroit Free-Press carries an essay by a retired Episcopal priest who will be "packing heat" in the form of a banana:

In what may be one of the more craven legislative acts to be committed by a local government entity in my memory, the city commissioners of Royal Oak are set to repeal their own wise and responsible ordinances prohibiting the open carrying of side arms in such venues as street festivals. There’s one such scheduled for Labor Day weekend in Royal Oak.

This means that the honorable commissioners have been cowed by the Open Carry lobby whose members swagger about with long, ugly pistols clipped to their belts just daring someone to object to the exercise of their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. Only they are not members of a “well-regulated militia.” But why should I mind? The Supreme Court doesn’t.

I am an introvert and try as far as in me lies to stay away from clots of people. Withal, I am girding up my loins to plunge into the man swarm at the Labor Day weekend street festival, the revelry of which will make my city unbearable to quiet pursuits. I will stride among the masses with a good-sized banana strapped to my belt, ...

What do you think about "open carry" laws?

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Hurrah for Fr. Cook, and thththppp to the folks who commented on his Free-Press op-ed. None of this Open Carry hypertestosterone has anything to do with the original meaning of the Second Amendment, which apparently our current SCOTUS is too gutless to recognize. However, I'm afraid that any attempt to revise the Second Amendment would be a cure far worse than the disease, and a precedent that absolutely must never be set.

Far be it for a Canuck to wade into the debate about the right to bear arms, except that here in Canada the long gun registry, a vehicle to register long guns, in order to save the lives of peace officers called to domestic disputes, and potential victims of domestic long gun violence, is under siege from our Harper "George Bush" wannabee neo-cons. Just today, they sidelined a high ranking Mountie who is outspoken with regard to the need to control firearms. Why is it that right wing paranoia and the need to be armed seem to go hand in hand?

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