Rich get richer; the poor...not so much

What should the church's role be when we hear that the rich are getting richer ... a LOT richer, and the poor are getting poorer?

Land of the free, home of the poor
From PBS Online

Financial gains over the last decade in the United States have been mostly made at the "tippy-top" of the economic food chain as more people fall out of the middle class. The top 20 percent of Americans now holds 84 percent of U.S. wealth, as Paul Solman found out as part of a Making Sen$e series on economic inequality.

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What should the Church do? Definitely not keep its mouth shut. We have to own up that like the rest of the society in which we live, we've sold the poor for a pair of sandals.

I can't remember when I've heard a sermon about the blessed poor.

What should the Church do? Teach them the Biblical standard of the tithe.

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