Tobias Haller, to no one's surprise

Sometimes in trying to figure out what one thinks, one comes across someone who has already thought it.

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I am disappointed with Tobias Haller saying, "At the same time, I acknowledge that worse things could happen to one than not being confirmed as a bishop, or not being allowed to marry as one chooses." The question is whether LGBTs are full members of the denomination. A denomination which discriminates within the religion game sends the message to the larger world that discrimination is okay. Recently six denominations in California signed a statement in favor of marriage equality. I am not surprised the Episcopal Church is absent.

Gary Paul Gilbert

Gary (or anyone else), speaking to your final point, and as someone who has just seen the news about the statement in California, does anyone know why the Episcopal Church did not sign on?

Nicholas, Unfortunately I am no expert on California. I am in New York City. The impression I get, however, is in keeping with what people have seen in New York. Whenever the Human Rights Campaign and the Empire State Pride Agenda try to round up some liberal pro-LGBT clergy, the usual suspects show up, mostly from the Unitarians, UCC, Reform Judaism, More Light Presbyterians, Lutherans Concerned. UCC will sign on in a big way by bringing in at least their equivalent of our diocesan level. The Episcopal response has often been a few liberal parishes and clergy who are not rectors but usually curates, etc.

Things may be different elsewhere. And I don't have all the facts. Justice is not emphasized in the Episcopal tradition is my subjective opinion.

--Gary Paul Gilbert

In Massachusetts, the equivalent statement was signed by our diocesan and both suffragan bishops in May. See here (PDF) for a complete list, which includes quite a number of Episcopal clergy.

--Chris Ashley

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