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The City Room blog at the New York Times discovers a thrift shop on 10th Avenue run by St. Clement’s Episcopal Church around the corner on 46th Street. It's called Outcasts Resurrectible Goods. It raises money for the church’s food pantry:

The shop caters largely to the artists, actors and musicians in the area. The store stocks lots of plays and monologues and theater books. There is sheet music, and a selection of old movies on VHS.

At Outcasts, the music is strictly ’20s and ’30s swing. The merchandise is campy, trashy, chic or designer — but always impeccably selected. The shop is known for its fabulous front window design, and there is always a theme. There have been tributes to Marilyn Monroe and “The Avengers” television series. They have made windows simulating aquariums. There was the Zen-style window that they called “Enter the Tao.”
I commented on a racy black leather bustier on a mannequin, and Mr. Benedict laughed and said, “We may be a church store, but it’s an Episcopalian church.”

Read it all.

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