Reforming the structures of the church

If you visit the Café often, you know that the Episcopal Church is giving some thought to revising its governing structures. Since this process began, I have been on the lookout for proposals made by people who aren't riding the horse of reform down the path of "more power for me!"

I would like to direct your attention to two writers worthy of attention. One is our own George Clifford, who discusses church structure in a two-part article on Daily Episcopalian. (Part one is here, look for Part Two tomorrow.) The other is the Very Rev. Tom Ferguson, dean of Bexley Hall Seminary. Tom has a series of pieces (here, here, here, here and here) that get deeply into the weeds--but in a good way--on the issue of structural reform. Together both writers move us to a far more sophisticated place that--let's save money by cutting back on lay representation. I don't agree with everything they have to say, but their writing is worth a read.

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Thanks Jim. Very interesting and thought provoking reading. Look forward to seeing more.

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