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From Episcopal Church Office of Public Affairs received about 6:00 P.M. Lambeth time:

Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop’s office notifies Diocese of Los Angeles of successful canonical consent process

Bishop-Elect Glasspool ordination and consecration on May 15

March 17, 2010

The Governance of The Episcopal Church: This information is another in an ongoing series discussing the governance of The Episcopal Church.

The Office of Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori has notified the Diocese of Los Angeles that the canonical consent process for Bishop-Elect Mary Douglas Glasspool has been successfully completed.

As outlined under Canon III.11.4 (a), the Presiding Bishop confirmed the receipt of consents from a majority of bishops with jurisdiction, and has also reviewed the evidence of consents from a majority of standing committees of the Church sent to her by the diocesan standing committee.


Glasspool was elected Bishop Suffragan on December 5, 2009. Her ordination and consecration is slated for May 15; Presiding Bishop Jefferts Schori will officiate.

A recap of the process

Upon election, the successful candidate is a bishop-elect. Following some procedural matters including physical and psychological examinations, formal notices are then sent by the Presiding Bishop’s office to bishops with jurisdiction (diocesan bishops only) with separate notices from the electing diocese to the standing committees of each of the dioceses in The Episcopal Church. These notices require their own actions and signatures.

In order for a bishop-elect to become a bishop, Canon III.11.4 (a) of The Episcopal Church mandates that a majority of diocesan bishops AND a majority of diocesan standing committees must consent to the bishop-elect’s ordination and consecration as bishop. These actions – done separately - must be completed within 120 days from the day notice of the election was sent to the proper parties.

.... Following a successful consent process, ordination and celebration are in order....

ENS reports

The daughter of a priest, Glasspool was one of two openly gay candidates on the Los Angeles slate but maintained that her sexual orientation was "not an issue" in the election. She is the second openly gay partnered priest to be elected a bishop in the Episcopal Church. ...

Glasspool, 56, most recently served as canon to the bishops in the Baltimore-based Diocese of Maryland for the past eight years. During her 28-year ordained ministry, she has served congregations in Maryland, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.
A 2006 Harvard Divinity School Merrill Fellow, Glasspool said that in her current role she provides pastoral care to clergy and their families and makes officials visits on behalf of Maryland's bishops. She is a 1976 magna cum laude graduate of Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and earned a master of divinity degree in 1981 from the Episcopal Divinity School....

From the Diocese of Los Angeles

From the Rt. Rev. J. Jon Bishop Bruno - "I give thanks for the Standing Committees and Bishops who have consented to the elections of Diane Jardine Bruce and Mary Douglas Glasspool as bishops suffragan in the Diocese of Los Angeles. The committee members and bishops have offered their consents in prayerful discernment and by doing so have joined the Diocese of Los Angeles in recognizing and affirming the many gifts and skills of these highly qualified and experienced clerics.

"Both Bishops-elect Bruce and Glasspool have been clear in stating that their new ministries will be focused on the work of the Diocese of Los Angeles as a priority, and the clergy and laity of this Diocese are eager to begin new collaboration with them. These historic elections bring the first women to the episcopate in the Diocese of Los Angeles. I give thanks for this, and that the Standing Committees and Bishops have demonstrated through their consents that the Episcopal Church, by canon, creates no barrier for ministry on the basis of gender and sexual orientation, among other factors."

From Bishop-elect Diane Jardine Bruce - "I am excited about working with both Bishop Jon and Mary as we move forward in mission and ministry in the Diocese of Los Angeles. Receiving the consents from the Bishops and Standing Committees has been, again, humbling for me. As we begin with this new team, I am encouraged by the support I have received from Bishop Jon and Mary and from clergy and laity throughout the Diocese. Rooted in prayer, with the help of the Holy Spirit, I pray we all grow and flourish in Christ's love."

From Bishop-elect Mary Douglas Glasspool - "It is a privilege to serve in a Church gathered around the life, ministry, death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Our Church takes seriously its leadership, and so engages in a process whereby the lay and clerical members of Standing Committees of The Episcopal Church, as well as bishops from each of its dioceses, have the opportunity through prayer and discernment, to confirm the appropriateness of the election to leadership of each bishop. Thus, I am overjoyed that a majority of Standing Committees and bishops with jurisdiction have given their consent to the elections of both Bishops Suffragan of the Diocese of Los Angeles.

"I am profoundly grateful for the many people - in Los Angeles, in Maryland, and around the world - who have given their prayers, love, and support during this time of discernment. I am also aware that not everyone rejoices in this election and consent, and will work, pray, and continue to extend my own hands and heart to bridge those gaps, and strengthen the bonds of affection among all people, in the Name of Jesus Christ. I am so very blessed to be working with Bishop Jon, Bishop-elect Diane, and the incredible people of the Diocese of Los Angeles; and I offer deep gratitude, as well, to Bishops Chester Talton and Sergio Carranza, whose Christ-centered leadership have moved the Church closer to God's Reign on earth."

Integrity's statement

Chicago Consultation's statement

A Message from Bishop Sutton. Diocese of Maryland: (excerpt)

Today is a great day for the cause of justice and the ministry of reconciliation in The Episcopal Church. ... I rejoice that a majority of Bishops and Standing Committees have seen in Canon Glasspool what we have experienced in the Diocese of Maryland: that she is an exceptionally gifted pastor, administrator and spiritually-centered leader who will prove to be an outstanding member of the House of Bishops.
American Anglican Council's statement

Tobias Stanislas Haller invokes the Protoevangelium of James (17:2)

Chris Sugden sees some connection to massacres in Nigeria

Archbishop of Sydney reacts

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Nevermind Lent---

ALLELUIA!!! TBTG! Gloria in Excelsis! :-D

JC Fisher


¨The world around us should really astound us and NOT cause us to whine and complain!¨

Thanks Standing Committees
Thanks Bishops with Jurisdiction
Thanks TEC diocese of Los Angeles
Thanks Bishop Bruno!

Great news!

June Butler

More breaking news: Special dispensation for Alleluias-during-Lent has been received for the Diocese of L.A. for TODAY ONLY!


Susan Russell

Fabulous, wonderful, great news!

By the way, I believe it the Episcopal Church OFFICE of Public Affairs, rather than the Episcopal Church of Public Affairs ;)

Doug Spurlin

[Corrected - thanks.]

St. Patrick is so pleased right now. To say nothing of our blessed Lord and Lady.


Just to be clear, Tobias quoted the (apocryphal) Protevangelium of James, not the NT Epistle of James.

I congratulate the Rev. Ms. Glasspool and offer the following to the people of the Diocese of Los Angeles, from St. Teresa of Avila:
"What a great favor God does to those He places in the company of good people!"

Douglas Curlin

John, the article you cite is by Andrew Carey; the way you have written it suggests Chris Sugden is the article author whereas Chris Sugden only wrote a brief preface.

Kendall - It's Chris's preface to which I am referring.

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