TEC budget: Complain here, constructively, of course

It is hard to tell whether there are more complaints about the most recent proposed three-year budget for the Episcopal Church than previous budgets, or if social media simply allows those complaints to be heard more clearly. Whatever the case, the Program Budget and Finance Committee, which is charged with producing the budget that will be voted on at the General Convention, is setting up a website that will offer, among other things, an opportunity to offer one's opinion to PB&F members on the draft budget that has been prepared by Executive Council.

The site is scheduled to be launched by the end of the week.

Those of you who prefer to offer your advice in person, and have the opportunity to travel, can speak directly with the leaders of PB&F at one of the nine provincial synod meetings that will be held during the next few months.

At the convention, PB&F is scheduled to hold open committee meetings every day, as well as three open hearings where all comers will be able to offer their opinions of the draft budget that was prepared by Executive Council.

Download the proposed budget.

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That is very heartening news. Kudos to PB&F for making this move. Now it is on those of us who registered disapproval via social media to act.

Dan Joslyn-Siemiatkoski

I was talking with the person who asked Bonnie Anderson about the budget at the New Community conference in San Diego. He was afraid he had opened a can of worms. I must say that both Bonnie and Bishop Sauls were quite "nimble" in handling the questions. (smile)

Excellent decisions, thank you. I hope the website will break out the staffing into positions, and list projects being outsourced (like the films in the Wayfarer App). It needs to be more detailed than the PDF.

To be honest, I'd also like to hear from people defending it, esp. Exec. Council members (not that I'm expecting much outside of the official party line).

I'd be glad for some more transparency. I'm actually sympathetic to a number of the proposals, and inclined to try to push back at some of the critiques (I'd like to tone down the "gaslighting" of calling them "hand-wringers" that seems to have gone on a bit), but I haven't had a lot of clarity about where deeper information about the budget is. I'll hold off on trying to articulate any apologetics until I see more clearly how this budget's been decided.

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