Are TEC liberals equivocating?

Michael Paulsen of The Boston Globe has interviewed Bishop Tom Shaw of Boston:

Bishop M. Thomas Shaw, head of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts, said in an interview upon his return from London that he will continue to ordain gay clergy, which he called "pastorally important."

He also said that local priests will continue to bless same-sex marriages, although Shaw said that those priests are doing so on their own and that "I haven't authorized anybody to do anything."

As for whether he would follow up on his earlier intention to push for ending the moratorium on gay bishops and allowing church recognition of same-sex marriage when the Episcopal Church meets at its General Convention next year, Shaw said he would now wait until he meets with all the American bishops next month to decide how he will proceed.

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It doesn't look to me like +Tom is "equivocating." He was clear about what he will do and allow in his diocese: he'll maintain the status quo, neither moving forward nor backward. He also seems to have taken what, to me, is a responsible and episcopally collegial approach to what he'll do at GC2009: he'll make a decision once he's had an opportunity to consult with other bishops.

Now that these bishops have had such a pleasant time listening to their peers at Lambeth, it might be a good idea for those of us in the pews to make sure they also listen to their flocks on the home front. After all, they have to live with us, day after day, after day -- and their pastoral responsibility is to us as well as the Communion at large. Perhaps even more to us.

Jan Adams

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