Resistance in Albany of Albany reports that Albany Via Media, a group of moderate to liberal Episcopalians, wants to publicly ask the Rt. Rev. William Love, Bishop of Albany, if he is planning to take his diocese out of the Episcopal Church.

They will do this at seven deanery meetings in September and October where Love will talk about the 76th General Convention, his views of resolutions D026 and C056 and his meeting last week with the Archbishop of Canterbury.

"We are trying to have members asking the question at every meeting,'' said Clair Touby of Saranac Lake, president of Albany Via Media.

Love will visit St. Paul's Church, 58 Third St., Troy, at 6:30 p.m., Tuesday for evening prayer and to discuss the Episcopal Church's General Convention in July in Anaheim, Calif....

...Dennis Wisnom of Schenectady, an Albany Via Media board member, said Love would talk at the meetings about the opening of the clergy and the development of blessing for same sex unions. The Albany Episcopal Diocese's rules do not allow same sex marriages or blessings of same sex unions.

Accroding to, Touby says Lawrence's appearance is a move by Love to build support for his position. On September 22-23, the Rt. Rev. Mark Lawrence of South Carolina, will speak to the diocesan clergy conference. Lawrence also attended the meeting of seven Episcopal bishops with Archbishop Rowan.

"Bishop Love is doing his level best to get people to change their minds,'' Touby said. "He's bringing in the big guns.''

Here is the website and blog for Albany Via Media.

Here is the diocesan schedule that includes the Deanery meetings where Bishop Love is scheduled to speak and the clergy conference that is hosting Bishop Lawrence.

Here is the story.

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Recently, I asked to apply for a position in the Diocese of Albany. I only did so because the match between my cdo and the parish cdo was the closest of all options.

The diocesan staff sent me four theological documents by the bishop, which I was to read, consider and decide if I wanted to work there.

I asked if this was a litmus test for employment and did not get a response.

I can see a diocese wanting to make sure the incoming clergy are able, & healthy. However, my notion of a healthy church is one wherein diversity of opinion, though not easy, is valued.

I offer prayers for the moderates.

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ECS's experience is not unique, nor is the clerical admission test the whole story. Candidates for the episcopate in Albany face a series of right-slanted essay questions that are more exhaustive than the average Master's exam and obviously designed to wave off those at and to the left of center. Talk about a purity code!

The good news is, of course, that Bp. Love could not extract Albany from TEC if he wanted to. If he tried, it would be a rerun of Pittsburgh, San Joaquin, and Fort Worth, with the same results.

Robert T. Dodd

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