A community garden, "where heaven and earth meet"

A Chicago-area church has created a community garden and farmstand on the church's five-acre site:

'Where heaven and earth meet'
From The Lake Country News-Sun

St. Ignatius of Antioch Episcopal Church is opening a farmstand on the church's five-acre site at Depot Street and Deep Lake Road.

"We have a garden here with parishioners growing their own produce in 10-foot-by-10-foot areas and we also have a donated garden area nearby. We want to provide the opportunity for our parishioners to grow their own food and to sell food locally," said Pastor Timothy Squier.

. . .

"My goal is to have this church be a player in promoting locally grown produce and at some point possibly expand our efforts by starting a co-op for locally raised meats."

. . .

"Our motto is we are located where heaven and earth meet and where the wind always blows"

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This spring, we opened an organic community garden on the utility easement for our church. (Of course we worked with the town and the utility company to make sure we were in compliance with all codes and not doing anything dangerous.)

It has been a wonderful way to connect our members with each other and the church with the community. And a percentage of everything that is produced will go to a local social service agency. Everyone wins.

Paige Baker

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