The marriage of Eva Brunne

The Diocese of Stockholm in the Church of Sweden has just elected Eva Brunne, a lesbian in a registered domestic partnership, as its bishop. The Church of England, like the Anglican Communion Churches of Ireland, Scotland and Wales is in full communion with the Church of Sweden through the Porvoo Agreement. The question now is how Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, will respond, having gone to such great lengths to keep partnered gays and lesbians from becoming bishops in the Anglican Communion.

If he opposes this election, he cements a growing reputation as an appeaser of anti-gay bigots such as Archbishops Peter Akinola of Nigeria and Henry Orombi of Uganda, and their American supporters. If he does not oppose it, he needs to explain how the election of the Rev. Brunne differs morally from the election of Bishop Gene Robinson.

Congratulations to Bishop Brunne.

Thinking Anglicans has more details.

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I don't see that it is appropriate for the Archbishop to "oppose" the outcome of the selection process for a bishop in a church over which he has absolutely no jurisdiction or moral authority of any kind. The Church of Sweden is not in any sense a member of the Anglican Communion.

The Porvoo Agreement doesn't have a counterpart to Section 4 of the proposed Anglican Covenant.

The archbishop has no jurisdiction in the Episcopal Church either. But that hasn't stopped him. And--at the moment--the Anglican Communion has no counterpart to Section 4 of the proposed Anglican Covenant, either.

Either the existence of partnered gay bishops is a moral outrage that must be resisted, or it isn't.

Simon, perhaps you should go read the Porvoo Agreement. Based on the ABC's rather cool reception which he affords the Bishop of New Hampshire, and his criticism of TEC for his election and consecration, he will needs be equally cool towards the bishop-elect of Stockholm and equally critical of the Church of Sweden regarding her election and future consecration, to maintain any sort of integrity. How should one spell hypocrisy?

Porvoo Agreement, Paragraph 58, Section b
b We commit ourselves:
v to welcome persons episcopally ordained in any of our churches to the office of bishop, priest or deacon to serve, by invitation and in accordance with any regulations which may from time to time be in force, in that ministry in the receiving church without re-ordination;
vi to invite one another's bishops normally to participate in the laying on of hands at the ordination of bishops as a sign of the unity and continuity of the Church;

When I go to Norway, I don't feel like I'm going to a different Church when I attend High Mass at local parish church. It's in Norwegian, sure, but I feel very at home, far more at home in fact than I would at a Lutheran church here in the US. The Scandinavian Churches have long known that the Anglican Churches and themselves have wound up in the same place. The way I see it, the Bishop of Stockholm is my Bishop of Stockholm too, and I would visit the local Anglican parish only because I wanted English, not because it was my religion and her Cathedral wasn't. This should be as important to Canterbury as Gene Robinson, and as important to us, too, even if the lineage is a different one. I'm sure the ELCA is lovin' this LOL

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