RC priests call for expanded leadership

Bosco Peters, on his Liturgy blog, reports of a growing trend of Roman Catholic priests to vocally call for change in leadership restrictions in spite of the consequences.

More than 300 Roman Catholic priests in Austria have joined The Pfarrer-Initiative: "Appeal to Disobedience". These priests have committed to seven reforms in "WE WILL" statements, including:

WE WILL not deny Communion to faithful of good will, especially remarried people, members of other Christian churches, and in some cases those who have officially left the Catholic Church.


WE WILL take every opportunity to speak up publicly for the admission of women and married people to the priesthood. These would be welcome colleagues in ministry.

Peters also reports:

In Australia, the National Council of Priests defended the bishop of Toowoomba, Bishop William Morris, who had issued a pastoral letter saying that, facing a severe priest shortage, he would ordain women and married men “if Rome would allow it.” The Vatican forced him to resign.
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HEROIC! If there were more priests like this when I was in the Latin Communion perhaps I would have been less inclined to leave. Unfortunately, it's likely Rome will be deaf to this.

Cullin R. Schooley

Looking at the blog, a wry part of me wonders whether this isn't a part of the Catholic Church wishing their tradition was more like ours as we have some Anglicans wishing our tradition were more like the Catholics'.


Ben, I think you are absolutely right. It speaks powerfully to the witness of inclusivity of ours and many other traditions. But, when it comes right down to it, who wouldn't want to be Anglican? :)

Seriously, though, this is very courageous and admirable. They should be warned, though, that the RCC doesn't take kindly to reformers. All Luther was trying to do at first was air a few grievances to his Church.

Unfortunately, it's likely Rome will be deaf to this.

If only, Cullin. They'll hear it, loud & clear . . . then PUNISH those priests for speaking out. Lord, reform your Church! Esp. the church based in Rome!

JC Fisher

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