NY and Central Florida elect bishops

Two bishop elections were held today.

The Diocese of Central Florida has elected The Rev. Gregory Brewer as bishop coadjutor according to the Orlando Sentinel.

The Rev. Gregory Orrin Brewer, rector of the Calvary-St. George's Parish in New York City, was elected Saturday to be the fourth bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida. He was elected on the 4rd ballot.

Brewer will succeed Bishop John W. Howe, who is retiring. Consecration of the fourth bishop of Central Florida is scheduled for March 24, 2012 at First Baptist Church of Orlando, followed by the retirement of Bishop Howe.

The Diocese of New York has elected the Rev. Canon Andrew Dietsche as bishop coadjutor. He was elected on the 3rd ballot. As a nominee from the floor he provided his own profile.

Bishop-elect Dietsche released the following statement after his election:

"I am deeply honored and humbled by my election today as bishop coadjutor of the Diocese of New York, a diocese I have long ago come to know and love so deeply as canon for pastoral care. I look forward to continuing to serve this community in the years to come in this new role to which I have been called. It has also been a particular pleasure to come to know the other candidates in this election, and I have been blessed to be included in their company. It is a poignant and powerful thing to find that one is the bearer of the hopes of others, and each of us who accepted nomination for this election has had that learning, been lifted up by the love and prayers of many, and felt the weight of that responsibility. I am thankful for each of the candidates with whom I made this journey, and for the faith, courage and grace with which they have adorned our diocese and our election. May God continue to shower them with every blessing. "I believe that it is especially a privilege to be the church in uncertain times. It is the greatest gift to face challenges which surpass our ability and understanding, for it is only then that we learn what it really means to trust God. We are in a season in which so much of our common life, the life and health of so many churches, and the resources on which our ministries and our mission have depended, can no longer be taken for granted. The particular challenges with which we will contend in this next chapter of our life will test us, but I am certain that, God being our helper, we will prevail over fear and doubt and by the witness of a courageous faith give glory to God. I thank the clergy and people of New York for inviting me to lead them into that wonderful future, and I ask God’s blessing on this, our great Diocese of New York."

(From the ENS article on his election.)

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Andy Dietsche was elected in NY on the 3rd ballot, not the 4th.

Susie Erdey

Thanks ~ed.

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