Diocese of Fort Worth's inconclusive hearing

A statement on today's hearing from Katie Sherod of the Diocese of Fort Worth

"The Hon. John Chupp, judge of the 141st District Court of Tarrant County, Texas today ruled that our attorney Jon Nelson and Chancellor Kathleen Wells are not authorized to represent Jack Iker or others associated with him. Our attorneys have never claimed to do so. The judge denied the motion by Bp. Iker’s attorneys to remove the diocese and the corporation from the lawsuit filed April 14, 2009.

While the judge did make some offhand remarks in court and asked many questions, he made no other rulings."

Read more at the Episcopal Diocese of Forth Worth

Watch the spin, but see it as it is.

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The two accounts of this action, from the TEC diocese and the realigned diocese, are so contradictory that it goes beyond what we would usually expect as self-interested "spin." Somebody is clearly in profound denial. Will have to wait and see which.

Bruce Robison
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The lawyer whom I trust the most on this tells me quite simply that the press release from the real diocese of Fort Worth, by which I mean the one led by Bishop Gulick is correct, and the other simply erroneous. The judge made a very limited ruling, and Katie Sherrod's release describes it correctly.

It can, perhaps, be argued that the judge in his comments (which are not part of and shouldn't be confused with his ruling) and questions indicated a predisposition to the Iker-ites point of view. I think it is too early in the proceedings to draw that kind of conclusion.

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