Episcopal priest Patrick Augustine receives the Cross of St. Augustine

From the LaCrosse Tribune:

The pastor of Christ Episcopal Church in La Crosse has received the Anglican Church’s second-highest honor from the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Bishop Ed Leidel presented the Rev. Patrick Augustine with the Cross
of St. Augustine during a surprise ceremony Dec. 16.

In the citation for the award, Archbishop Rowan Williams wrote of
Augustine’s “lifelong commitment to defend the free exercise of faith
in countries where believers are marginalized and persecuted” and the
hope and reconciliation he’s brought to communities that have endured
decades of conflict, violence, poverty and persecution.

One of only three people to receive the award this year, Augustine said his parish and the people of La Crosse, where he’s based his ministry for the past decade, share in the honor.

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"Bishop Ed Leidel presented the Rev. Patrick Augustine with the Cross
of St. Augustine"

Well, that's poetic! ;-)

Congrats to Fr Augustine.

JC Fisher

It would be a kindness to those of us who are not acquainted with all things Anglican if the Cafe could put a tiny bit more information on just where places are. This seems to be a difficulty (at least for me) when just one name is used. (it wouldn't hurt to identify the object or group just once when using gaggles of abbreviations,too) So where is La Crosse?

LaCrosse Wisconsin -- Christ Church. Patrick Augustine has been in the forefront of advocating on behalf of Christians in Pakistan.

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