In C of E, opposition mounts to amendments to women bishops legislation

Thinking Anglicans reports:

Another diocesan synod has passed an emergency motion supporting the adjournment of the final vote on women bishops and a referral back to the House of Bishops. This was Gloucester which met on Tuesday evening this week (26 June) and passed the motion “overwhelmingly”.
Reform is asking for the whole legislation to be rejected:
Reform (opposed to women as bishops) has issued this statement saying that the bishops’ amendments are not sufficient and that they will encourage their members on General Synod to vote against the legislation as it stands.

From the statement:

Reform Chairman Rev’d Rod Thomas said today that “Reform deeply regrets that we have reached such an impasse on women bishops” with the current House of Bishops’ amendments not satisfying the conservative evangelical network’s concerns over their future in the Church of England.

Speaking in advance of a prayer meeting for over 200 Reform members in central London, Mr Thomas said: “We thank the House of Bishops for their work. They have tried to find a way through. But their amendments have not succeeded in persuading our members that there is a secure future for those who cannot in conscience accept the oversight of women as bishops. In light of that we will be encouraging our members on General Synod to vote against the legislation as it stands.”

The bishops' amendments have thrown the legislation to allow women to be ordained as bishops up in the air. Those who support women as bishops are concerned that the amendments leave women in a second class bishop situation but wonder if they don't vote for the whole package, there will be no legislation passed this year. Those who are opposed are not satisfied with the bishops' amendments, saying they don't allow enough protection for people who disagree to have their own "untainted" male bishops

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I must confess (as an American Episcopalian who has been so blessed by the female priests I have known) that I totally fail to understand this stubborn conservative mindset in the UK. Their Queen is (obviously) female. One of their most powerful Prime Ministers was female. But women can't lead them in matters of faith?? Someone please 'splain this to me.


Sarah - we ask for full names -- thanks ~ed.

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