Olive oil to save York Cathedral

NPR reports that the Church of England planning to try olive oil in an attempt to save the exterior stone of Yorkminster:

The British have some stunning cathedrals, and York Minster, in the north of England, is one of the most magnificent of all.

Construction on it began 800 years ago, and a mere 2 1/2 centuries later, work was complete.

The result was one of Europe's largest Gothic cathedrals and one that's had a rough ride through history: It's been pillaged and looted, and damaged by devastating fires and lightning strikes.

Today, there's another threat: acid rain. As a result, the cathedral's stones are decaying.

British scientists and archaeologists have teamed up to try to find a solution. One promising possibility may be as close as the kitchen cupboard: olive oil.

More at The Telegraph and Chemistry World.

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Well blow me down. If you'd asked me before this which was a more likely headline I'd have gone with "Popeye to save York Cathedral." Let us not jump to seclusions.

Delicious and useful. What can't Olive Oil do?

They're going to (again, after ~700 years?) anoint the Minster! :-)

JC Fisher

...w/ fond memories of my visit to those holy stones, lo those many years ago.

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