CoE vicar to parishioners: Swear more

File under "Really?"

A Church of England vicar has advised those in the pew to take up shocking and salty language as a way to keep current and relevant.

Reverend Michael Land, 67, said Christians needed to adopt swearing in their everyday language because it is how Jesus would have spoken.

He said too many people put Jesus "on a pedestal" and failed to realise that he was poor, relatively uneducated and preferred not to mix with the elite of his day.

He added that the Church risked becoming out of touch with ordinary people if its clergy did not become "streetwise" and failed to use earthy language.

Apparently one man's answer to the question posed by that now-famous acronym WWJD.

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I have a teeshirt, now very worn, with the inscription WTFWJD.

I don't think so. I grew up in an era when swearing was a sign of lack of the ability to use language well. I find constant swearing offensive.

Sorry, I think this guy is a whackadoo!

I doubt that Jesus swore as part of his conversational communication. Perhaps a choice word or two if he hit his thumb with a hammer in his dad's wood shop, but nothing more.

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