Church of England bishops to include women at meetings

From Thinking Anglicans
The House of Bishops of the Church of England put out a statement on the progress towards women in the episcopacy:

At a special meeting at Lambeth Palace today, the House reviewed the progress to develop proposals to enable women to become bishops at the earliest possible date. The meeting also considered changes to future meetings so as to ensure that eight senior women clergy will be participants in all meetings of the House and its standing committee.

Complete statement is here.

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What a concept! Actually including women's voices. Who says the Church of England is not just progressive and right up to date?

@ Bp Chris: Heh-heh.

JC Fisher

"Inch by inch"

Wow. That is just so nice of the bishops to include some women. Will they be allowed to wear their collars and maybe even speak, do we think?

The Church of England is irrelevant. Some things never change.

Gary Paul Gilbert

"Will they be allowed to wear their collars"

Funny how something that is just the remnant of an undershirt (do women wear undershirts?) has become so important.

Bro David

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