Gay marriage ban 'step too far' says Archbishop of Wales

The Archbishop of Wales says his church should receive the same option as other churches to opt in on gay marriages. The BBC reports.

The Archbishop of Wales says making it illegal for the Church in Wales to offer same-sex marriages will be a "step too far".

Dr Barry Morgan says the freedoms of the church would be curtailed by a ban.

The UK government announced the Church in Wales and Church of England will be banned in law from offering gay marriages.

Other religious organisations will be able to "opt in" to holding ceremonies.

No word yet from the current or future Archbishops of Canterbury on whether they object to the limits the bill would place on the Church of England's governing body's religious freedom to choose whether to permit gay marriage.

See our morning post on the government's proposed legislation.

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I don't know the legal intricacies for the UK, but it strikes me that the government has no right to restrict the Church in Wales in a manner that it does not restrict any other non-established church in the country.

Malcolm, as Martin Reynolds points out over in a TA thread, the Church in Wales' response to the Consultation explicitly asked that it be treated like the Church of England under the new legislation. They seem to have been hoist by their own petard.

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