Bishop Harries on same gender marriage

In The Times, Richard Harries, former bishop of Oxford, has held forth on the so-far failed role of the Church of England in the same-sex marriage and civil partnership debate. His remarks were picked up by The Guardian.

The Churches have only themselves to blame for their current predicament, in which they face a major rewriting of the law on marriage.

Instead of at first opposing civil partnerships, and then only accepting them grudgingly with gritted teeth, they should have welcomed them warmly from the first and immediately proposed services of commitments and blessing in church. They should do this even now.

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Do I see a successor to Rowan?

Dave, I don't know how this works in the CofE. Something tells me a retired bishop may not be eligible for preferment to the position of Archbishop of Canterbury. It is certainly good, however, to see someone attempting to speak in a clear way about the issue.

Torey Lightcap

Yes, it's nice that a former bishop is speaking up in favor, but it's easy to do so in comfortable retirement. When a sitting bishop makes this kind of statement, THEN I'll pay attention.

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