Gay marriage IS a defense of marriage act

Susan Russell, President of Integrity writes:

BREAKING NEWS FROM MASSACHUSETTS! Gay Marriage IS a "defense of marriage act!"

Turns out the more who are married the merrier! Check out this YouTube moment from Rachel Maddow -- with the "breaking news" that the great state of Massachusetts ... first in the country to achieve marriage equality ... has achieved something else:

And this from Petula Dvorak in the Washington Post.

The argument over whether same-sex couples should marry in the District is about a decade past its expiration date. The reality of people's lives long ago outstripped the usefulness of the gay marriage debate.

You can go to just about any public space in this city today and see same-sex couples: Two women picking over the tomatoes at the Anacostia farmers market; two men taking notes at a PTA meeting on Capitol Hill; two women arguing in a Georgetown restaurant over who does the dishes and who pays the bills -- the things all married couples do.

And these are things that most same-sex couples feel comfortable and safe doing practically everywhere in Washington. That's been the case here for at least a decade. The city boasts one of the most visible, vibrant gay and lesbian communities in the country.

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If anybody really wants to DEFEND marriage, why don't they make divorce illegal?

And in the liberal Northeast!

June Butler

As much as I'm grateful to her for providing us lovely nuggets o' reality like this, I'm enough of a Christian moralizer to sorta want to wag a finger at La Maddow (Massachusetts resident!) and inquire,

"And why haven't YOU made your 'girlfriend Susan'" ---as she put it just the other night (they've lived together over 10 years, and I know they haven't married)---"an honest woman yet?"

Equal rights AND equal responsibilities, Rachel! :-/

JC Fisher

Perhaps defense of marriage is best summed up in a sound bite: "One man, one woman, one time". Or perhaps this is the ideal of which at least half of us fall short. Perhaps, also, this is why I am a "practicing Christian" as I am not convinced I'll ever get it right.

Rachel is right that it creates an awkward statistic, but this story has been around for a while. There is an answer, and it's not that married gays are more likely than married heterosexual couples to have stable marriages. It is that when you deny anyone the right to marry, and then later give them that right they are (1) older, and (2) more likely to be in a sound relationship to begin with.

Perhaps what will be truly something to celebrate will be when homosexual and heterosexual have the same low divorce rate.

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