Tweeting grief

Scott Simon of NPR has been with his mother this past couple of weeks as she journeyed towards death. If you did not follow his tweets on Twitter - here is the story and his words. It was an amazing and touching time:

Scott first received word of his mother's illness on July 16, which he relayed to his Twitter followers with a taste of her humor:

Scott Simon
Mother called: "I can't talk. I'm surrounded by handsome men." Emergency surgery. If you can hold a thought for her now...

Initially, it appeared her surgery had gone well and her recovery was just a matter of time.
Scott Simon
Tnx for nice thoughts for my mother. She's in recovery now, wheezing jokes through oxygen tube! Inspiration in aspiration!


As her condition worsened, the two of them found solace in one of their most cherished activities: singing together.

Scott Simon @nprscottsimon My mother & I just sang Que Sera Sera 3 times. God bless you Doris Day for giving us such a great theme song. 5 DAYS AGO

Scott Simon
My mother drifts to sleep listening to Nat's Unforgettable. I keep things light, but moments like this hard, if sweet.

Read it all here.

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I think Twitter was invented the year my mom died (2007)? I wouldn't have wanted to live-tweet (death-tweet?) her passing, but I can respect Simon for doing so. May his mom RIP.

JC Fisher

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