Like it or not, church is being reinvented

The Washington Post shares Tom Ehrich's article on the reinvention of the church:

Many church leaders continue to believe that reinvention is an optional choice they can or cannot make. They think they can control the pace of change and shape its outcomes.

Those attitudes are delusional. The reality is: reinvent or die. The pace of change is driven by external factors, not by earnest deliberations and visioning exercises. As Jesus himself found, we have no control over outcomes.

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the NYTimes shared it with the Washington Post?

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Aw, gee: you people have been reinventing church for the past 50 years hoping to appeal to the high-prestige people--in particular to the latest generation of Youth--the young, beautiful and cool. And it hasn't worked, has it? Folk masses didn't bring in those beautiful Young People 50 years ago. Overhead projectors didn't bring them in 20 years later, and facebook isn't going to bring them in now.

And the program is so, frankly, unchristian: "We want those young, cool, beautiful people, those prestigeous people, so old ladies, step aside: how dare you want what pleases you? Sacrifice for the young and cool."

And, incredibly, you never ask people what they want or take their requests seriously. You want them to want what you think they ought to want. Which, sorry, most of us don't want. So you wonder why no one likes you?

blacklock: it was my mistake...must have read too many articles today. It has been corrected. Thanks for noticing.


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