The Chicago Consultation

Updated with Chicago Public Radio's brief report on the consultation.

Readers of the Café are going to be hearing a lot about The Chicago Consultation in the days ahead. The Consultation, held at Seabury-Western Seminary, Dec. 5 thru 7, was a meeting of some 50 Anglicans from around the world committed to advancing the full inclusion of gays and lesbains within the Communion and to resisting those who seek to split the Communion by setting one group of marginalized people against another.

Mark Harris, Susan Russell and Tobias Haller were on hand, and they have the first reports.

Same sex marriage and Christian theology

From Bishop John Bryson Chane's op-ed column in today's issue of The Guardian:

Archbishop Rowan Williams has tried to take the issue of gay marriage off the table at the Lambeth Conference, which begins in three weeks. But the celebration of a gay relationship at one of London’s oldest churches last month, and the well-publicised gathering of anti-gay Anglicans in Jerusalem this week, suggest the controversy must eventually be faced squarely.

Conservative Christians say opening marriage to gay couples would undermine an immutable institution founded on divine revelation. Archbishop Henry Orombi, the excitable primate of the Church of Uganda, calls it blasphemy. But, theologically, support for same-sex marriage is not a dramatic break with tradition, but a recognition that the church’s understanding of marriage has changed dramatically over 2,000 years.

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Chicago Consultation unveils new Web site

The Chicago Consultation's Web site went live yesterday. It includes the first of several videos about the group, and resources to help visitors "make the case" for the full inclusion of all baptized Anglicans in the life and leadership of the Communion.

Update: Some users are having trouble accessing the site. The problem should be fixed soon.

Who says we haven't done the theology?

The Anglican Theological Review has made its Summer 2008 issue available online, thanks in part to a grant from the Chicago Consultation.

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Chicago Consultation "saddened and dismayed" by ACI statement

From The Chicago Consultation:


CHICAGO--April 23—The Chicago Consultation issued this statement from its co-convener Ruth Meyers in response to the recent statement of a group of bishops associated with the Anglican Communion Institute:

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Chicago Consultation responds to ACC actions

The Chicago Consultation released a statement today from its co-convener the Rev. Dr. Ruth Meyers in response to the Anglican Consultative Council’s affirmation of the recommendations made by the Windsor Continuation Group and its decision to postpone the release of the Anglican Covenant for consideration by provinces. To read the statement, click Read more at the end of this item.

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Meet the Chicago Consultation

You will be hearing from individuals who have attended gatherings of the Chicago Consultation on the video blog for the next few weeks, so allow a few of them to introduce themselves.

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Chicago Consultation reception draws quite a crowd

Episcopal News Service carries this story about the Chicago Consultation and its new study guide on same-sex relationships.

The guide was unveiled at a reception at the Hilton last night, and the most striking thing about the evening to me was how many primates came and stayed, including our own Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori.

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Chicago Consultation work at convention recognized

One of the major players in the months leading up to General Convention, and during the actual meeting was a group that is called "The Chicago Consultation". The decisions that were made at Convention were influenced by the work of the Consultation, in part through the words of members of the Anglican Global South that spoke to the bishops and deputies.

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Chicago Consultation asks PB, ABC to oppose anti-gay bill in Uganda

CHICAGO, IL, November 20, 2009—The Chicago Consultation today asked the Most Rev. Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury; the Most Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori, Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church; Dr. Bonnie Anderson, President of the House of Deputies; and the Most Rev. Henry Luke Orombi, Primate of the Anglican Church of Uganda, to speak out against draconian anti-gay legislation introduced in the Ugandan Parliament last month.

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'You can't leave a void': BBC Radio on Uganda and silence

BBC Radio 4's "Sunday" program has looked into the situation in the Ugandan Parliament with a bill promoting anti-gay measures and found more of the "deafening silence" within the Anglican Communion that has many asking for a voice of intercession or appeal.

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Chicago Consultation: Making the case for Mary Glasspool

Earlier this week, the Chicago Consultation sent the following email to its mailing list. It is reprinted here with permission:

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Chicago Consultation on Gene Robinson

Here's The Rev. Dr. Bonnie Perry, rector, All Saints Episcopal Church Chicago and co-founder of the Chicago Consultation, on Bishop Gene Robinson's recent retirement announcement.

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Chicago Consultation on Primates' condemnation of anti-gay violence

The Chicago Consultation issued this statement today from its co-convener, the Rev. Lowell Grisham:

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Chicago Consultation releases analysis of proposed Covenant

Via email:

The Chicago Consultation, which advocates for the full inclusion of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Christians in the worldwide Anglican Communion, has released a collection of essays and study questions on the proposed Anglican Covenant.

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It's Anglican Covenant Week here at Episcopal Cafe

As the Anglican Covenant picks up support from provinces across the globe, we thought it might be a good time for Episcopalians to think once again about the nature of the document we may be asked to put our church's name to at our General Convention in 2012.

We take as our text The Genius of Anglicanism, a study guide produced by the Chicago Consultation. Beginning today, and continuing through the Memorial Day Weekend, we will be featuring three of the eight essays from this booklet on our Daily Episcopalian blog for your examination and discussion.

Give them a read and get back to us.

A bishop reflects on the consultation in South Africa

Today I hope to roll out some of the first videos, columns and sermons from participants in the recently concluded consultation in Durban, South Africa among African Anglicans, Episcopalians and some interfaith friends on issues of justice and human sexuality. First up is a video that Bishop Jeff Lee of Chicago sent home to the people of his diocese.

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Making new neighbors to love

The Rev. Bonnie Perry, co-founder of the Chicago Consultation, preached this sermon about the recently concluded consultation on justice and human sexuality to her congregation at All Saints Church in Chicago yesterday.

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Chicago Consultation, Ujamaa Centre hold African consultation on scripture, sexuality

From the Chicago Consultation:

In October, some 25 Anglican leaders from across Africa gathered with more than a dozen Episcopalians from the United States for a consultation on issues of justice and human sexuality.

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Mote Magomba: a change of heart

One of the great pleasures of working on the video we posted last week from the gathering that the Chicago Consultation held in partnership with the Ujamaa Centre of the University of KwaZulu Natal in October was the opportunity to interview several of the participants in the consultation at length. I especially enjoyed talking with the Rev. Mote Magomba, director of the Amani Christian Training Centre in Iringa, Tanzania. The story of his change of heart on LGBT issues was the highlight of the video. Here, you can hear him speak about it at greater length.

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"God has been present among us."

Professor Gerald West, who developed the Bible study program for the 2008 Lambeth Conference, was one of the principle planners of a gathering of Episcopalians and African Anglicans held in October in Durban, South Africa. In the first of these two videos, he talks about the the work of the Ujamaa Centre at the University of KwaZulu Natal. In the second he reflects on what was accomplished at the gathering.

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