"Holy Women, Holy Men" now available online

The Standing Commission on LIturgy and Music has made a .pdf of "Holy Women, Holy Men" available for free on their website:

A pdf file of Holy Women, Holy Men is now available on the General Convention Office website, among the documents for the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music:


This is in response to Resolution A089 which, among other things, asked that "liturgical and musical resources be made widely available not only in print but also in electronic format on the internet."

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This is very helpful. Too bad I already bought the book.

Good news! It would be great to see Kindle/ebooks versions of this and other publications coming from Church Publishing Inc. (I know you can read a PDF on a Kindle, but it is usually a less-than-ideal rendering.)

I don't see it there now, except perhaps in Spanish. :(

4/11/2012: Some have asked recently, and we understand through an entry on the "Holy Women, Holy Men" blog, that the book is now available for purchase through Church Publishing. A search through the 2009 Blue Book reveals a copy of the text as introduced by the SCLM beginning on page 266. This blogger couldn't seem to find a Spanish-language version in an electronic format.

Torey Lightcap

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