Two bishops removed in Central Africa

More news is emerging from the Province of Central Africa. The Lead has covered the apparent removal of Bishop Kunonga of the Diocese of Harare. The Living Church now reports that a second bishop has been removed.

In a statement released on Oct. 19, the Dean of the province, Bishop Albert Chama of Northern Zambia, stated that Bishop Kunonga and Bishop Elson Jakazi of Manicaland were no longer bishops of the church and the Sees of Harare and Manicaland had been declared vacant “with immediate effect.” Vicar generals would be appointed to supervise the election of new bishops, Bishop Chama wrote.

Further developments according to The Living Church:

Despite the removal of the two bishops, recovery of diocesan property is not assured. On Oct. 21, a Zimbabwe court declined to issue an emergency injunction on behalf of the province that would have forced Bishop Kunonga, an ally of Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe, to turn over the diocesan assets. Bishop Kunonga told the state-owned Harare Herald newspaper he would fight the province for control of church property. He was quoted saying the diocese was seeking to align with the Anglican Church of Kenya, a statement that could not be confirmed with the Kenyan Church in Nairobi.

Bishop Kunonga has also gone on the offensive, writing to discontented clergy in other dioceses seeking to split them off from their bishops. In an Oct. 11 letter sent to a Botswana parish and reviewed by The Living Church, Bishop Kunonga urged the congregation to write to Bishop Chama saying it was joining Harare in leaving the province.

Read The Living Church article here.

The Rt Revd Albert Chama, Dean of the Province of Central Africa and bishop of Northern Zambia statement is here.

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The government-controlled Harare Herald says Kunonga and his diocese are shopping for a province to join.

the Harare Diocese, at a special synod meeting convened in the capital on Saturday, had already unanimously endorsed Bishop Kunonga's decision to withdraw from the Province of Central Africa. The diocese is now seeking to join the Anglican Province of Kenya following a message of solidarity from Kenyan Archbishop Benjamin Nzimbi in support of the anti-homosexuality stance taken by Bishop Kunonga.

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