Prayers for Bishop Tom Shaw, SSJE

Update The following was sent via e-mail list to clergy and lay leaders in the Diocese of Massachusetts Canon to the Ordinary Mally Lloyd.

Bishop Tom noticed over the past week that he wasn’t remembering things well, so on Thursday he went to see his primary care doctor and had some tests. Those tests revealed a mass on his brain. He is having surgery this afternoon to remove the mass. After that we will know more about his recovery and any other required follow-up treatment. He is expected to be awake and conversational after surgery and to be headed home to the monastery within two to three days, with an anticipated two-week recovery period at home with his brothers in the community.

Please pray for him.


Canon Mally Lloyd sent the following note to the clergy and lay leaders of the Diocese of Massachusetts at 9:42 pm EDT.

I'm glad to be able to send this update about Bishop Tom (text of my e-mail sent earlier today is copied below). I've just heard from Brother Geoffrey Tristram that Bishop Tom's surgery went well, the doctors are pleased and there were no complications. Bishop Tom is in an ICU room, which is standard for this type of procedure, and is coming out of anesthesia. They expect after a good night's sleep he will be fully awake tomorrow morning. It will be a week or so before we know whether further treatment is necessary.

Brother Geoffrey wanted me to let you know that he and the SSJE community are grateful for all your concern and continued prayers, as are we.

Wishing you a restful night.


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Prayers for healing, and for a sense of God's love and all our love surrounding him.

Prayers ascending from St. Mark's in Coldwater, Michigan. Sending our love.

Prayers ascending for Bishop Tom!

JC Fisher

Prayers for healing for Bishop Tom (Bishop Tom the Great).

Leonardo Ricardo/Leonard Clark

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