In Dallas, Robinson preaches at Cathedral of Hope

Texas may be big, but the distance from Navasota to Dallas isn't impossible. As mentioned here last week, Gene Robinson preached at the Cathedral of Hope in Big D after the conclusion of the House of Bishops meeting near Houston.

He had time to sit down with a Dallas Voice blogger, and they covered things like Mary Glasspool,

To do this once might have been a mistake, but to do it twice, it means that this is the direction the church is going.... I think those who are happy about it are happy about it, and those who are not happy about it seem resolved and understanding that this is the direction we’re moving, and so we’re just going to move on. So I’m delighted for her that the angst has not bubbled quite as wildly as it did from my election.

... his relationship with James Stanton,

We obviously stand in diametrically opposed positions on this issue, and that’s not going to change, but I think what he and I would both say is that we can still be in the same church, and the essential things of the faith, we agree on, and I think that’s what I hope people are seeing in the Episcopal Church, that there can be a wide diversity of opinion.

... and his having been picked to moonlight for the Center for American Progress:

[I]t seems to me that we have a moral imperative to care for the most vulnerable among us. My writing will attempt to do that with respect to lots of different issues — immigration reform, the environment, LGBT issues and so on.

A video of the Cathedral of Hope service has been made available online.

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What a great sermon. How can I download this?

If you use this link to the video page there is a button for downloading the Flash Video file.

Sorry for this addendum;

The file that you want to download is the one named 20100324-7p.flv

If you have no app to play Flash Videos, also download the 20100324-7p.swf file

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