ENS reports Bennison to retire at year's end

UPDATED with full story

Episcopal News Service is reporting that Bishop Charles Bennison, the controversial leader of the Diocese of Pennsylvania, will resign at the end of the year.

Bennison's retirement was probably hastened by the passage at the General Convention of Resolution B021, which, for the first time, articulated a canonical process by which a diocese, under extraordinary circumstances, could dissolve its relationships with its bishop. The ENS story on that legislation is here, with a misleading headline.

The Diocese of Pennsylvania has wanted to dissolve its relationship with Bennison since his reinstatement as bishop in August 2010.

Those unfamiliar with the Bennison saga may want to simply run a search on his name and pull up all of the many items the Cafe has produced about his case. Here are some of the key items.

Bennison found guilty, June 2008

Pa. Standing Committee wants Bennison deposed, August 2008

Bishop Bennison has been deposed, October 2008

Pa. bishop appeals deposition, November 2008

Bennison loses appeal, February 2009

Bennison appeals for new trial,April 2009

Bennison case to be heard today, May 2010

Bennison reinstated, August 2010

Pa. Standing Committee asks Bennison not to return, August 2010

House of Bishops to Bishop Bennison: resign September, 2010

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ENS headline hedges, "Pennsylvania Bishop Charles Bennison says he will retire at year’s end".

I wonder if your average bishop retirement headline includes "says he".

I also wonder if there's an incentive package involved or his retirement was unconditional.

Yes, there were many news stories in which Bishop Bennison was featured. He always faced resistance with dignity and grace to my knowledge. Although I did not agree with every one of his decisions, I respect him deeply for his consistent support and kindness toward me when I served in DioPA as both a rector and a dean. DioPa, like most dioceses, is a complicated place. I'm sure that others will have their own opinions but that will not change mine.

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