Diocese of Pennsylvania Standing Committee Statement

Dear Diocesan Family:

Last night, we received the decision of the Court of Review reversing the conviction of Bishop Bennison based upon the statute of limitations.

The document is attached. Accordingly, the inhibition of Bishop Bennison has been dissolved, and he is free to resume his role as Bishop of Pennsylvania.

This evening, the Standing Committee will be meeting with the executive leadership of Diocesan Council. We will be communicating with you after our meeting.

Please keep Bishop Bennison and the diocese in your prayers and thoughts.

Faithfully yours,
The Standing Committee

The Lead's coverage of the decision is here.

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How sad for our Church that an immoral technicality prevails over justice. Our canons are made for the RC hierarchy who rejoice in that statute of limitations.

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My read is that as a church we have chosen the civil law models and procedures for our church courts. I've read the opinion -- agree with some parts and not with others. I think our sisters and brothers in the PA diocese, and Chuck Bennison, have a real dilemma in reconnecting after 2 years apart.

Curt Zimmerman

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