Bishop Howe quits Anglican Communion Network

Interim Rector of Trinity Church, Vero Beach Dean Rick Lobs writes that the Rt. Rev John Howe, Bishop of the Diocese of Central Florida is pulling out of the Anglican Communion Network.

Saying that he wants to stay in The Episcopal Church and in full communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury, The Bishop of Central Florida, the Rt. Rev. John W. Howe has dropped his support of the Anglican Communion Network led by Pittsburgh Bishop Robert Duncan and thrown in his lot with the Anglican Communion Institute, (ACI) a group that wants to stay and fight for change in The Episcopal Church.

The bishop announced this change in the July 2008 Central Florida Episcopalian, which caught a number of conservatives in the diocese by surprise. "We didn't see it coming," said one evangelical priest who asked not to be named.

Read more here.

And here in The Living Church.

Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida website is here. The July 2008 issue of the Diocesan paper is not available online yet.

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How fun that your link to the ACI is to the ACI Radner et al. were associated with through Grace in Colorado, and not the reconstituted ACI after the falling out. The original ACI is the one that pops up in google searches, but it's not the paper organization that Howe is associating himself with. That's here:

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