An early report on the Glasspool consents

In our unofficial, and probably incomplete tally, Canon Mary Glasspool of Maryland has received support from 15 of the 20 dioceses that have voted on whether to consent to her election as suffragan bishop of the Diocese of Los Angeles. We aren't putting out calls, just receiving information on occasion from sources we trust, so if you can add to our list, please do.

Standing Committees voting yes:

East Tennessee
Northern Michigan
San Joaquin

Standing Committees voting no

West Texas

Revised to delete Rhode Island as a supporting diocese per Bill Locke's comment. We've also added Massachusetts and deleted Maryland per emails and comments.

Comments (16)

I truly feel sad for those who struggle with this decision to vote yes for a clergy person who has filled so many hours, days and years with unyielding service to ALL of those who suffer and reach out for Gods peace and love...never was a ¨qualification¨ or ¨approval,¨ from anybody, needed as she performed her priestly duties and gave freely of herself to anyone who wanted help (and many who were incapable of knowing the unstoppable blessing of her work on their behalf)...may the peace of the Lord be with ALL of you as you find your way with the generocity of the Holy Spirit when considering the confirmation of Canon Glasspool. Thank you from a tiny corner of Episcopalian Community, me.

The Standing Committee of Rhode Island has not yet voted on consenting to Mary Glasspool's election. I expect we will take it up at our February meeting.

Bill Locke

Any count on bishops?

Massachusetts voted yes.

Can you remind us how many total there are, so that we are aware of where the peak of the hill is? This sounds like great news!

(Editor's note: Thanks for the comment Doug, next time we need your full name. As to numbers, there are 110 dioceses, and they all have standing committees, so 50% +1 would mean she needs 56. There are a number of vacancies among the bishops, so we think she needs 52. We have no info on the bishops' voting.)

So does your update mean that Maryland hasn't yet voted?

I so hope that Texas is a yes.

Does Los Angeles vote? I assume not so aren't there 109 voting not 110? Meaning 55 not 56?

The answer to my question is that LA must also consent so 110 is the total and 56 is the number needed.

The Standing Committee in LA has to consent to their own election?? I seriously doubt that.

(Editor's note: We checked this with the the experts. it's true. The LA Standing Committee does have to consent.)

Northern Indiana Standing Committee voted last week to withhold consent.

An update: The Rhode Island Standing Committee voted today to consent to Mary Glasspool's consecration. You can put us back on the list.

Bill Locke

Now that the tally is 36,I would be appreciative to see how dioceses have voted.
It seems like alot of standing committees are not meeting till March.

Bethlehem voted yes to Glasspool

The current count is 55 consents from standing committees for Mary Glasspool.

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