Ackerman out of retirement

The Rt. Rev. Keith L. Ackerman, who resigned last month as Bishop of Quincy -- in the brief interval between coming back from sabbatical and the diocese's convention -- will serve as assisting bishop in the neighboring Diocese of Springfield. According to The Living Church "the Rt. Rev. Peter H. Beckwith, Bishop of Springfield, said the Presiding Bishop’s office had been notified that the new position would become effective Dec. 1."

At convention the diocese voted to leave The Episcopal Church and align with the Southern Cone. Had Ackerman not resigned he likely would have been inhibited as was Bishop Iker of Fort Worth.

The November 1st press release announcing his retirement stated "The Bishop and his wife Jo conferred with his physicians, many trusted friends, and the Standing Committee before making this decision."

The provisional constitution of the group meeting in Wheaton today names Forward in Faith as a founding member. We recall another post retirement statement for Ackerman: "The Right Reverend Keith Ackerman SSC wishes to make it clear that he will be remaining in office as President of Forward in Faith North America. Indeed, it is his intention during his retirement to devote himself more fully than has been possible hitherto to this ministry."

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So reassuring. Ackerman should be recruited for basic training at, say, Parris Island. He could teach prospective Marines how to dodge bullets. He and +Peter are two peas in a pod. Not very persuasive.

As Mark Harris declared, this is a shell-game.

Does the HofB get some say in this? They should, and I hope they'll see through the con, to VETO this supposed "assisting bishop" [And, in Stephen Colbert's term, put +Beckwith "On Notice" for any more shenanigans! >:-/]

JC Fisher

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