Bishop Gene Robinson retires today

The Rt. Rev. Rob Hirschfeld becomes Bishop of New Hampshire today as Bishop Gene Robinson retires. We haven't prepared a full retrospective on Gene's remarkable career, but want to say this much: he is a major figure in the recent religious history of the United States and the wider Anglican Communion, and if you care about fairness and equality, you owe him your thanks.

He's on twitter at @BishopGRobinson and this seems to be the most popular of the several public Facebook pages bearing his name. So if you are of a mind to express your gratitude, stop by.

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Thank you very much Bishop Robinson. As a fellow Kentuckian, I am proud that the bishop heralds from our great commonwealth.

Bishop Robinson, has pioneered for the LGBT community a path to greater inclusion unlike anyone before. I have to believe God used the bishop to accomplish many great Christian acts of charity. Bishop Robinson answered God's call even at the risk of his own peril. He even had to wear a bullet proof vest at his ordination and probably on many other occasions. His election, and not appointment, to the historic episcopate, was indeed historic, and groundbreaking. His scrutiny by the wider Anglican communion and Rowan Williams' cowardice toward this election are reprehensible.

We are all too familiar with the schism that happened, is happening, and will probably continue in the future. TEC has made clear to Canterbury and the world that she is not standing with social injustice, bigotry, and hate in the name of God. Bishop Robinson, stood in for the oppressed and God has accomplished a great work through him. He has paved the way for greater inclusion and therefore distribution of the love of Jesus Christ to a suffering world.

Bishop Robinson's cost of discipleship didn't come cheap. It was very expensive, the cost of which was covered by the grace of almighty God.

I must laud Archbishop Tutu for his support of Bishop Robison and his ongoing work to end the crimes against humanity going on in Africa.

So, God bless Bishop Robinson, may he have a wonderful retirement and a healthy long life.

Let us also pray for the unity of the Body of Christ as ever increasing evil searches for ways to destroy us all.~Ben Miller

A living saint*: thank you, +Gene!

JC Fisher

* Not perfect, of course, but a beautiful testament to God's Grace working in him, and through him, for God's Shalom.

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