Assorted links: tacky Christian consumerism edition

Would Jesus prefer to have his name on a yoga DVD or a very long roll of strawberry flavored gum?

  • They say there's not enough inspirational gum in the world. This Scripture-imprinted Fruit by the Foot knockoff should get the ball rolling.

  • They also say there's not enough inspirational pet-owner gear in the world. (As if being a dog owner is not immediate enough.) Here, then, Proverbs 17:17 on a dog leash.

  • This basic hygiene product purports to wipe away all your problems once the Pope makes his visit.

  • I hear Jesus was totally ripped. Must've been all that early-morning yoga.

  • Jesus themed t-shirts, meanwhile, seem to be growing worse. These days they're getting confused with all things Ed Hardy.

  • Jesus is my coach: I can do all things through him who strength-trains me in golf, martial arts, hockey, baseball, football, ballet, or rollerblading.

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    These days they're getting confused with all things Ed Hardy.


    JC Fisher

    The sad part is, even if there were one of those shirts I might consider, it would still never look on me like it looked on the model.

    Marshall Scott

    The first one adds new meaning to "read, mark, and inwardly digest"....

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