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A globetrot from Freetown to Osaka to Jerusalem to the virtual house of worship and elsewhere. All your catholic tastes could desire.

1. Did Wilberforce ask slaves rescued by the British Navy to stand in a crucified place for 14 years? Update Aug 7: A contrary reading.

2. Research could pave the way for advanced methods of enraging monkeys report monkey-annoyance experts.

3. What people look for on your homepage v. what's there, university edition. Is there a church denomination edition?

4. Authorities in Jerusalem want the church of the Holy Sepulchre,to pay for water usage back to 1967.

5. "Attempting to engage the Ultimate Master of the Universe while texting back and forth with your buddies is not going to work."

6. Modern funerals - however painful - still have a beauty, a quiet dignity and a moral seriousness that is quite absent from many of the weddings that clergy get to take. Yet not only are there expensive wedding cakes, you can spend a lot on a funeral cake, too. On a more serious note, Anglicans Online this week takes a look at design-your-own secular funerals.

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oh no - will I hate doing funerals as much as I don't care for weddings

That 14 year period of compelled service sounds much like the indentured service that many poor but free English accepted in order to pay for their transport to the colonies before the American Revolution. It was a coerced service and a humble status, but it was not slavery, and was not regarded as slavery. WIlberforce may not have been the hypocrite as the author quoted in the Guardian link.

The religious iPhone apps remind me of a bumpersticker I saw recently:

Honk if you love God. Text if you want to meet him.


JC Fisher

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