Selections from the 3rd Annual EC Thanksgiving Haiku Fest


The spirit diets,
But the flesh loves a party.
More gravy, please. Thanks.

Susan Elliot
Washington, D.C.


November twilight
conjures from cold stove scents of
my mother's kitchen.

Mary Cox
Diocese of Southeast Florida


Leaked intelligence
to menu revisions can
lead to anarchy

Heidi Shott
Diocese of Maine


My husband is the
King of Gravy. I could watch
him whisk all day long.

Norah Joslyn
Diocese of Olympia


Inspired to offer your own?

Comments (2)

My dear grandchildren:
It is not Christmas morning.
Please! Don't be so wild.

Me: wine, pie, ice cream.
Best friend labors long and well.
Me: such a ch(eat)er!

JC Fisher

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