Real Clear Religion picks the ugliest church in the world

Nicholas G. Hahn, deputy editor of Real Clear Religion offers his picks for the ugliest churches in the world in this slideshow. There are some doozies. Do you have other nominations?

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I was half afraid some of my beloved parishes (current and former) would be on the list! ;-X

Quite disagree w/ some on the list (which seems to boil down to, "if you built w/ a bold vision of modern architecture, Zing!"). For the one "Walmart Church" listed, they could have had a ZILLION equally ugly (boringly ugly!) similar re-purposed commercial structures (and I'm not talking about picking on poor, start-up storefronts, but EXPENSIVE mega-churches that were DESIGNED as re-purposed commercial structures).

I'll take a "bold, modern vision" (even if it's FAIL), over an intentional warehouse or mega-mall church.

JC Fisher

Enjoyed the tour. Kept thinking "what were they thinking?"

Comments added to the fun.

I agree with JC Fisher above. It's not the churches in this slideshow that are ugly, but the attitude toward them. OK, there are a couple of clunkers, architecturally speaking, but many of them seem to have been chosen simply because they serve as rich targets for the author's snark.

John Banks

Some are clunkers, but others imaginative uses of native materials & cultural preferences

You get the feeling that the author never saw a Pseudo-Gothic he didn't adore (and there *are* Neo-Gothic FAILs out there!).

JC Fisher

Almost as bitchy as the Bad Vestments blog.

I agree that some of those houses of worship were quite ugly. One seemed rather ordinary (Church by the Sea). Others, I thought, were beautiful. I imagine that most of them, ugly or not, are loved by those who attend them.

Bill Dilworth

Hmm . I see the author is a right wing RC who used to work for Donald Rumsfeld and seems to think the American bishops are just too darned liberal. I suspect that this "ugly church" thing is more about reactionary ideology as it is aesthetics - or, rather, a conflation of ideology and aesthetics in which all Right Thinking Christians love only traditional architecture and anyone who likes certain schools of 20th century religious architecture is a Modernist Heretic.

Bill Dilworth

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