+Welby needs a new twitter handle

If his handlers at Lambeth Castle allow him to go on tweeting, @Bishopofdurham is going need a new handle. (In his first news conference Justin Welby wondered openly whether if he would be permitted to go on tweeting.)

Do the readers of Episcopal Cafe have some helpful suggestions?

Some believe the handle has been chosen and reserved. Perhaps you'd also like to state your prediction. Sorry, no betting market exists on handle prediction due to insider trading concerns.

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Ann beat me to it. I imagine there's no problem in reserving JustinCantaur. And a lot of people won't follow it, because they wouldn't guess it. (Wait, that last part is bad.)

DawgDays-- please sign your name when you comment Thanks ~ed.

I am thinking @JustinTime

@ABC105 or @cantuar105.

@jpwabcchief or maybe @exoilnowABC

Lester V Mackenzie


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