Manchester says "no" to Covenant

Manchester, the last Church of England diocese to vote until after Easter, has voted "no" to the Anglican Covenant. That brings the present vote total, including London's "no" vote this week, to 25 dioceses against and 15 in favor.

Thinking Anglican has the vote totals:

"The motion in favour of the covenant was defeated in all three houses.

Bishops: 1 for / 2 against
Clergy: 15 for / 25 against
Laity: 12 for / 23 against"

There are just four more diocese to vote in April.

The Diocese of Glasgow and Galloway of The Scottish Episcopal Church held its Synod recently and had a consultation on the Covenant. A document reporting the comments of the table discussions has been posted online.

The first section, "Why do we need a Covenant" contains no support of the idea. In a quick count, of the 25 table discussion groups, 19 said they would reject the Covenant, 1 would accept it and 2 were still unsure.

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Interesting result btw. Informal guesses were that Manchester was going to say "yes" to the Covenant. To have that strong a "no" and have the bishops vote "no" helps me answer the question of what will happen in places that are voting after the rejection has been assured.

I believe the actual name is The Scottish Episcopal Church.

Thx Melissa, ~ed.

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