Covenant having a bad weekend

Last weekend three Church of England dioceses voted to affirm the Anglican Covenant. The week before three voted against. So far this week, including the vote of Sodor and Man on Thursday night, another three dioceses have voted against the Anglican Covenant.

Today, the Diocese of Chelmsford voted against. The Covenant was narrowly defeated in the clergy order.

From Twitter: “@auntygladys: Bishops 2 for 1 against 1 ab, clergy 2 more against than for, laity 31 for 30 against so just defeated.”

The Diocese of Hereford also voted against the Covenant, with a tie in the Clergy order and a narrow defeat in the lay order:

From Facebook: ""Hereford Diocesan Synod voted against Covenant 3rd March 2012. Bishops 2 for; Clergy 15 for, 15 against, 1 abstained; laity 21 for, 23 against, 1 abst."

We're still waiting to hear from the Diocese of Bradford.

UPDATE: Bradford has narrowly voted in favor. (From @layanglicana) That makes 2 against, 1 for today, and the total now 13 against, 8 in favor.

Thinking Anglicans has the details of the votes.

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Today, the Diocese of Chelmsford voted against. The Covenant was narrowly defeated in the lay order.

I confess to having difficulty reading tweets sometimes, but it looks to me as if the lay delegates in Chelmsford voted FOR the covenant, 31 to 30.

Did the clergy reject it and that's why it failed? Or am I missing something? (Wouldn't be the first time! ;-)

I think you're reading the tweet correctly Paige, but the reports on Twitter all claim that Chelmsford voted "no". So there's either a typo in the tweet or a rule of order that we don't understand.

I am pretty sure the clergy in Chelmsford defeated it.

Yep - my bad. Thanks Jim. Just saw the detailed vote on Thinking Anglicans. I've updated the report.

So, I am confused about something else. . . Is it Chelmsford or Helmsford? Or is it Helmsford or Hereford? Or is Helmsford just a wild typo?

Thanks Susan - Chelmsford and Hereford. ~ed.

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