Anglican Covenant talk: Crew, MacCulloch return Williams' serve

Yesterday we told you about Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams and his video message to the Anglican Communion about why we need an Anglican Covenant. Today we find others with YouTube accounts and their own thoughtful responses.

Item 1: Professor Diarmaid MacCulloch says among other things that adopting the proposed Covenant just to keep in good relationship with the Archbishop of Canterbury is quite beside the point.

Item 2: Louie Crew, recalling Williams' reassertion yesterday that the Covenant is not punitive, runs down the list of how punitive things have already become.

Your thoughts?

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I suppose it's youtube randomness, but when Louie's video ended the next video offered by youtube to me was David Cameron on Christian values. Given Cameron's current tussle with the ABC over marriage equality that seems appropriate.

Two very good presentations. Thank you.

Well done, sirs.

The real problem with the covenant is its general thrust towards scrutiny and discernment (the things the ABC thinks are needed!) in the interest of paring down difference, rather than towards tolerance, and even more, celebration of difference.

It is essentially inorganic -- failing to recognize that it is the diversity of organs that make for the well being of the whole body. It is profoundly non-covenantal, and plainly contractual; it is not a marriage, but a pre-nuptial agreement.

@tobias " It is profoundly non-covenantal, and plainly contractual; it is not a marriage, but a pre-nuptial agreement."

Yes, and a under-the-gun post-pre-nuptial agreement at that.

May these two clips find their way into Lambeth Palace (and may Dr. Williams' handlers actually allow him to see them). And may they be influencial as the Church of England continues to consider her response to the proposed Anglican Covenant.

@Chris Epting

AMEN! My prayer is the remaining dioceses in England that have not voted play these videos and really reflect on the powerful words spoken.

Louie Crew gives terrific examples of how marginalized the US Church has been treated by other provinces. A covenant only gives more power to the powerful.


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