Anglican Covenant gathers more "no" votes

There are five dioceses of the Church of England voting on the question of the Anglican Covenant today. So far this morning two have voted and both have rejected the Covenant. Liverpool voted "no" by almost 3 to 1 margins (and both bishops voted no). St. Albans voted "no" with the laity more than two to one opposed.

We'll update this as the voting is reported.

Thinking Anglicans is reporting the votes as they're being posted.

UPDATES: According to reports on Twitter, the Diocese of Ely has voted "no" by a "tie" in the laity and a defeat in the clergy. The Diocese of Chester has voted "yes".

FURTHER UPDATE: The Diocese of Norwich has voted "yes" (from Twitter reports)

The tally so far this morning then is 20 votes against, 12 in favor. It will take 22 "no" votes to keep General Synod from considering the Covenant later this year. Today's voting as 3 "no" and 2 "yes".

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Norwich has yet to vote today, but the proportions are holding true. If a video and a resignation cannot float this boat, what might happen this week befor 5 dioceses vote next weekend.

Just two more no votes needed.

Bro. David
KONY 2012

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