Anglican Covenant gathers four more "no" votes

UPDATED (see below)

Four more diocesan synods of the Church of England have rejected the Anglican Covenant in voting today. That makes the total 17 against and 10 in favor. If 22 synods vote against the Covenant it will not be taken up by the Church of England's General Synod for adoption.

The reports today are all coming via Twitter at this point (follow the link to the source tweet for the specific report):


Bath and Wells: F-A-Abst B 0-1-1 C 17-22-1 L 18-23-1

Southwark: bishops 1 for 1 abstention. Clergy 10 for 27 against 2 abstention Laity 21 for 32 against. Motion falls

Worcester: #AnglicanCovenant Worcester figures laity 6 for 22 against, clergy 5 for 19 against, bishops 2 for. Provisional figures only

The dioceses of Coventry and Carlisle are also voting today. We'll update this report as those results are posted.

UPDATE: Coventry and Carlisle have both voted in favor of the Anglican Covenant

Coventry: Bps: 2 for; 0 agin; 0 abs Clergy: 22 for; 7 agin; 0 abs Laity: 26 for; 2 agin; 0 abs

Carlisle: Bishops F 2 Clergy F 19 A 13 Ab 2 Laity F 33 A 17 Ab 0

So, it looks like the percentage is roughly holding today with about a close to two to one ratio of no votes to yes votes. Anyone arguing that there is a consensus in favor of the Covenant in England, should there eventually be enough votes in favor to send this back to General Synod (unlikely) is going to have a very tall hill to climb.

Modern Church has a full listing of the schedule of Anglican Covenant diocesan synod votes and the results so far on their website.

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