ACO reacts to Covenant criticism

The Anglican Communion Office (ACO) has issued a rebuttal today suggesting that all the worry about the covenant means people are not really reading it. This seems to indicate that the proposed Covenant is in for some heavy debate at next week's Church of England General Synod:

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What will the Anglican Covenant do to the Church?

UPDATED: See below

Modern Church has mailed the following to every General Synod member. This and other articles critical of the proposed Anglican Covenant in main stream news, web sites and blogs are the reasons behind the ACO press release admonishing people to "read" the covenant.

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Analyzing a defense of the covenant

Jonathan Clatworthy, writing on the "No Anglican Covenant" blog, analyzes the defense of the Anglican Covenant by Canon Alyson Barnett-Cowan, Director for Unity Faith and Order The Anglican Communion Office (ACO).

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A deeper look into the proposed Anglican Covenant

Lionel Deimel offers A Deeper Look into the Covenant in his blog entry If it looks like a duck... and while you are there scroll over the duck. Deimel offers a point by point examination of the entire document with charts of the relationships of the various so-called Instruments of Unity and how an issue would be handled if the Covenant is passed. (see below):

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Covenant roundup

Rounding up the news and essays on the Anglican Covenant. Next week General Synod will vote on the Covenant. If it does not pass that is the end of it. If it does pass it will go to the dioceses of the Church of England and back to General Synod. General Convention, meeting in Indianapolis, IN USA, will take up the Covenant in 2012.

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Covenant quote-along featuring Ruth Gledhill

BBC Radio 4's "Sunday" sees Edward Stourton asking Times religion correspondent Ruth Gledhill about the Anglican Covenant - if it's primarily about discipline or something else. She responds,

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Covenant central

This is the first of at least two posts regarding the Anglican Covenant today. The Church of England's General Synod takes up that misguided and dangerous document tomorrow. Here is some of what people are saying:

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The Anglican Covenant: a tool for the strong to oppress the weak

So many points have been made against the proposed Anglican Covenant, which will be voted on this week by the Church of England’s General Synod, that one risks redundancy in expressing one’s own reservations. Mine have to do primarily with how the covenant would operate if approved. It is a dangerous document which takes John Adams’ famous formulation—“a government of laws and not of men”—and stands it on its head. The covenant is a document that sets forth a system for adjudicating disputes based on criteria that are almost entirely subjective and ad hoc.

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Queen opens General Synod

The Church of England will begin its General Synod today (Tuesday). #synod is the hashtag for Twitter for those who want to follow along. The Queen will conduct the opening session festivities. According to General Synod blog

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ABC defends Covenant, warns of consequences

The Archbishop of Canterbury's opening speech to the Church of England General Synod defends the Anglican Covenant.

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General Synod sends Covenant to dioceses for approval

Updated. The General Synod voted in favor of debating the Covenant - next step is most likely to debate in dioceses and then back to the next Synod for final vote. However, follow along with Thinking Anglicans as the process continues (and changes, perhaps).

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Covenant news roundup

The newsfeeds, blogs, Facebook, and Twitter were all buzzing with news about the vote in the Church of England's General Synod on the Anglican Covenant. Here is a Anglican Covenant News Roundup for your reading pleasure:

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Covenant/Synod/GAFCON voting shell game continues

BBC Radio's "Sunday" program this week offered an extensive hashing-out of the Anglican Covenant by a number of individuals.

Thinking Anglicans has it:

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Bishop of Lincoln: Covenant process okay, if it never ends

Bishop John Saxbee of Lincoln said some very sensible things during the debate on the Anglican Covenant in the Church of England's General Synod, and thanks to the Rev. Lesley Fellows, we can share them with you:

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How the covenant might work if passed

Savi Hensman, writing at Ekklesia, gives some examples of how the Covenant might play out if passed by Anglican Communion provinces. For instance adherence to the 39 Articles, #17 and #18

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Is this the end of the Anglican Covenant?

The weekly Church Times had a delightful letter on the Anglican Covenant from the Rev. Jonathan Clatworthy. The letter has just come out from the subscriber wall. An extract:

We therefore have two opposing cases against the Covenant. Many Synod speakers said it was too puni­tive; the ten Primates say it is not punitive enough. The Covenant itself, lacking any theoretical basis, has been worded to allow either interpretation.

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Just what kind of animal is this Anglican Communion?

So, oft in theologic wars
The disputants, I ween,
Rail on in utter ignorance
Of what each other mean,
And prate about an Elephant
Not one of them has seen!

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Letter to Canterbury

The No Anglican Covenant Coalition explains its position in this letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury, asks him to reconsider his support of the Covenant, and invites him into dialogue. To date, no answer has been received.

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Covenant adopted in West Indies, Myanmar

From ACO:

The Archbishop of the Province of the West Indies has announced that his Province has adopted the Anglican Communion Covenant. It is the third to do so officially, the others being the Anglican Church of Mexico and The Church of the Province of Myanmar.

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Proposed Anglican Covenant: ill-defined, vague and unfair

The Rev. Canon Alan T. Perry, Priest in the Anglican Church of Canada, Canon of Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal, and recognized expert in canon law critiques Section 1.2 of the proposed Anglican Covenant and concludes that it is ill defined and worse than making the Anglican Communion subscribe to a Confession ala the Westminster or Augsburg Confessions:

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East Carolina asks Executive Council to say no to the Covenant

The Diocese of East Carolina has spoken its mind about the proposed Anglican Covenant. Here is some of what it had to say:

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Anglican Communion: The shape of things to come

Paul Bagshaw has written an essay on the state of the Anglican Communion after the most recent Primates Meeting, and his thoughts are similar to mine. The threat of the primates dictating terms beyond the borders of their own provinces ebbs as the threat of a Communion run by the Archbishop of Canterbury and a London-based bureaucracy flows.

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ACO issues Defense of Study Guide for Covenant

You too can own The Anglican Communion Covenant Study Guide and ancillaries.

Who needs our analysis when we have the Pluralist's fisking (more here)?

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In break with tradition, Anglicans Online opposes Covenant

Anglicans Online made a little news in its weekly column today. To start at the end:

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The case against the Covenant

The Modern Church has issued The Case Against the Covenant by Jonathan Clatworthy and other related resources. Although written with the Church of England debate process in mind, these resources are appropriate in any context as study guide of the Covenant.

Why are church officials afraid of honest debate?

The No Anglican Covenant Coalition (NACC) has issued a challenge to church officials who support the proposed Anglican Covenant, especially leaders in the Church of England, accusing them of a pattern of bias and manipulation.

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Anglican Covenant: More questions emerge

Acceptance of the proposed Anglican Covenant is being urged by the Archbishop of Canterbury's office, officials of the Anglican Communion Office, those who think it will make no difference, those who want to please the ABC, and those who think it will show some kind of good faith with others. Bishop Saxbee at the last General Synod in the Church of England notes that Anglicanism IS a covenant already and warns "for every difficult and complex problem there is an answer that is simple straight forward and wrong" and this answer is wrong. And that this covenant is "more about factory farmed religion than free range faith"

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CoE diocese rejects covenant

A press release from Modern Church, Inclusive Church and No Anglican Covenant Coalition reports that the first English diocese vote rejects Anglican Covenant:

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A guide to the Anglican Covenant

As dioceses in the Church of England weigh the Anglican Covenant, the Church Times has put together a reader's guide that contains articles both pro and con perspectives.

The document has peeked out from behind the pay wall thanks to Thinking Anglicans.

Chicago Consultation releases analysis of proposed Covenant

Via email:

The Chicago Consultation, which advocates for the full inclusion of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Christians in the worldwide Anglican Communion, has released a collection of essays and study questions on the proposed Anglican Covenant.

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LA votes NO on Covenant

The Diocese of Los Angeles declines to endorse proposed Anglican Covenant:

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Anglican Covenant: Palm Sunday roundup

It's not been such a great week for the original chocolate teapot known as the Anglican Covenant. First, it was taken down a few notches by The Pluralist, who lableled it as

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Diocese of CA weighs in on Covenant

Received by email:

The Deputation of the Diocese of California reports on the diocesan-wide conversation on the proposed Anglican Covenant, concluding:

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Colorado says no to Covenant

Following is the response by the Diocese of Colorado General Convention Deputation to the Executive Council's invitation to study, pray and discuss with the proposed Anglican Covenant. They conclude:

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Kansas says no to Section Four of the Covenant

The General Convention deputation of the Diocese of Kansas has weighed the proposed Anglican Covenant and found Section Four wanting:

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Michigan says no to Anglican Covenant

The following came across our electronic transom this morning. It requires little by way of elaboration, except the irresistible comment that its emphatic nature may be its most remarkable characteristic.

Response to the Anglican Covenant
General Convention Deputation
Diocese of Michigan

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The one and only Diocese of Quincy says no to the covenant

The Episcopal Diocese of Quincy
Anglican Covenant Responses

We, the deputies of the Episcopal Diocese of Quincy, each having read the proposed Anglican Communion Covenant thoroughly and prayerfully and various documents in favor and not in favor of adopting the covenant, report our unanimous response (with one lay deputy absent due to serious illness):

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Bosco Peters on the pointlessness of the Covenant

Bosco Peters, talking good sense as usual, makes some excellent points about the pointlessness of the Anglican Covenant:

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It's Anglican Covenant Week here at Episcopal Cafe

As the Anglican Covenant picks up support from provinces across the globe, we thought it might be a good time for Episcopalians to think once again about the nature of the document we may be asked to put our church's name to at our General Convention in 2012.

We take as our text The Genius of Anglicanism, a study guide produced by the Chicago Consultation. Beginning today, and continuing through the Memorial Day Weekend, we will be featuring three of the eight essays from this booklet on our Daily Episcopalian blog for your examination and discussion.

Give them a read and get back to us.

New Jersey responds to Anglican Covenant

The Diocese of New Jersey responds to the Anglican Covenant:

Response to the Anglican Covenant, prepared by the Deputation of the Diocese of New Jersey

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Reminder, it's been Covenant week at the Café

As was noted at the beginning of this week, there's been a series of three essays posted on Daily Episcopalian each of which invites the readers to take a close look at the Anglican Covenant the Episcopal Church is expected to respond to in the next few years.

If you missed them this week, here they are again in order. They'll make excellent holiday weekend reading:

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Adventures with Bishop Yellow Belly

Bishop Yellow Belly runs into Miss Young Person. Testiness ensues.

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Maori momentum growing against Anglican Covenant

Report by the Rev. Bosco Peters in New Zealand:

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Covenant subcommittee declines to release key report

ENS reports (towards the bottom of this story) that the sub-committee formulating the Executive Council's response to the proposed Anglican Covenant is refusing to release a report on whether the covenant would require changes to the Episcopal Church's Constitution and Canons.

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Diocese of Central New York joins Anglican Covenant conversation

A note left on the Facebook page for the Diocese of Central New York offers thoughts from the Deputation to the 77th General Convention:

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The other troubling parts of the Covenant

In opposing the proposed Anglican Covenant, many are saying the only troubling part is Section 4. Many of us find the whole document built on a very shaky theology and not Anglican at all. Rather it reflects many conservative, evangelical stances and use of scripture, quoting from here and there in the Bible with no consistency or systematic thinking. Jonathon Clatworthy, of the Modern Church takes on the Introduction as an example:

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Release the report: it's fair play

Yesterday I explained why I think Executive Council is violating the spirit, if not the letter, of our canons in refusing to release the report it received from the Standing Commission on Constitution and Canons regarding the Anglican Covenant. Today, I’d like to argue the matter on practical grounds.

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Breaking: Executive Council releases the covenant report

From the Office of Public Affairs"

The Executive Council D020 Task Force, a subcommittee of the Executive Council, has released the report from the Standing Commission on Constitution and Canons.

In a statement also released by the D020 Task Force:

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Weighing the costs of Covenant adoption

Mark Harris, PRELUDIUM blogger and member of the Executive Council D020 Task Force, considers the possible outcomes of The Episcopal Church's eventual response(s) to the proposed Anglican Covenant.

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Church Times on report to Executive Council

The Church Times has written about the report of the Standing Committee on Constitution and Canons to Executive Council. The article (now behind a pay-wall) says that the "US expresses Covenant doubts" especially around the canonical changes passage of the Covenant would require.

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Integrity's President, a UK native, reflects on July 4

The Rev. Caro Hall, president of Integrity, has a few thoughts on Independence Day:

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Philippines "not in favor" of Anglican Covenant

In the latest issue of The Philippine Episcopalian reproduces the General Synod address of the Prime Bishop of The Episcopal Church of the Philippines, The Rt. Rev. Edward Malecdan. The synod met in early May.

In his address the Prime Bishop reported that the ECP Council of Bishops is not in favor of the Anglican Covenant:

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One-sided Covenant study guide criticized

The No Anglican Covenant Coalition is unhappy with they see as a one-sided and biased presentation by the Diocese of Oxford regarding the Anglican Covenant, describing parts of it as "shallow and superficial."

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News about Proposed Anglican Covenant

Two New Zealand dioceses oppose the proposed Anglican Covenant, Canon John Rees says it is both "insignificant and vital," and The Living Church takes No Anglican Covenant Coalition's challenge and offers some reasons to support it.

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Anglican Covenant: Don't Panic

Helpful reflection on the Anglican Covenant, entitled, "Don't Panic"...posted at No Anglican Covenant:

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In proposed resolution, California clergy suggest rejection of Covenant

UPDATED: The resolution was not submitted to the Committee on Resolutions by the deadline laid out in the convention's Rules of Order, and will therefore have to be submitted from the floor. The resolution will only be considered by convention if the convention agrees to consider it by a two-thirds affirmative vote.


The following is among resolutions submitted to the Resolutions Committee in the Episcopal Diocese of California for consideration at its convention later this month.

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Diocese of California statement on Anglican Covenant

It's not our intention to cover every diocesan treatment of the proposed Anglican Covenant between now and the next General Convention, except possibly when a new or different angle is exposed in the logic around it, pro or con.

So it is that this resolution, passed yesterday, has a slightly different feel about it. In particular, the last three or so paragraphs are succinct phrasings of what we sometimes hear others struggling to say.

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Diocese of Eastern Oregon adopts resolution opposing Anglican Covenant

This resolution was adopted with no opposition at the Diocesan Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Oregon on Oct. 16, 2011.

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Maori reject Anglican Covenant

Māori Anglicans in New Zealand have rejected the Anglican Covenant as out of keeping with the constitution of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia, because it seeks to impose by law what should be accomplished through relationship.

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Church of England diocese votes NO on the Covenant

Lesley Crawley reports that the synod of the Diocese of St. Edmundsbury and Ipswich of the Church of England has voted against the Covenant. The synod tally as of today is split 2 for - 2 against.

From the Diocesan Website:

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A better Anglican Covenant

Savi Hensman reports on a better and older Anglican Covenant in Ekklesia

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Anglican Covenant: The issues behind the issue

The Rev. Tobias Haller, speaking in the Diocese of Albany, presented his thoughts on the Anglican Covenant: Anglican Disunion: The Issues Behind "the Issue."

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Birmingham and Truro vote to reject Anglican Covenant

Updated: The Diocese of Truro has also voted against adopting the Covenant.

Thinking Anglicans is reporting that the Diocese of Birmingham has become the third English diocese to vote to reject the Anglican Covenant.

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Canadians look to 2013 Anglican Covenant vote

Briefly noted in the Faith, Worship, and Ministry Committee section of yesterday's Council of General Synod highlights, Anglican Church of Canada:

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Archbishop Fred Hiltz on the bishops' discussions in the Anglican Church of Canada, including the Anglican covenant

Archbishop Fred Hiltz, primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, gave the Anglican Journal an overview of what dominated the bishops’ discussions over the course of the Nov. 20-24 meeting.

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Covenant defeated when fair hearings are held

No Anglican Covenant Coalition notes accomplishments to have a fair hearing of reasons for voting against the proposed Anglican Covenant:

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A life of mutuality before the Covenant

On his blog, Tobias Haller quotes from the 1878 Lambeth Conference's Encyclical letter, section 1.5:

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Southern Cone approves Anglican Covenant

Anglican Communion News Service reports today that a "recent" meeting (six weeks ago) in Asunción, Paraguay, saw the endorsement of the proposed Anglican Communion Covenant by the bishops and Executive Committee of the Province of the Southern Cone of America.

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Anglican Covenant as distraction from the real work of the church

As its tepid reception throughout the Communion continues, notable hand-wringing over the proposed Anglican Covenant persists in Lambeth.

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A necessary covenant?

The Primate of the Anglican Church of South Africa has posted an open letter calling on provinces of the Anglican Communion to adopt the Anglican Covenant. The questions to be asked are why now, and who is the audience?

The Anglican Communion Office has a summary of the Archbishop's letter which can be read in it's entirety on their website:

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Anti-Americanism and the Anglican Covenant

Jonathan Clatworthy of Modern Church discusses Canon Librarian at Norwich Cathedral Stephen Doll's paper "Anglican Covenant - Bishop's Council" which was circulated to all bishops in the Church of England. It intends to support voting for the Anglican Covenant and has the Archbishop of Canterbury's approval (including the anti-American rhetoric):

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Travesty of half-truths

Lionel Deimel takes a very close look at the American-in-England's pro-covenant essay that was circulated by the Archbishop of Canterbury to the bishops. An excerpt from a detailed commentary on the entire Doll essay:

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Diarmaid MacColluch opposes Anglican Covenant

News from the No Anglican Covenant Coalition:


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Dioceses of Derby and Gloucester defeat Covenant resolution

According to twitter reports this afternoon, the Diocese of Derby in England has voted strongly to reject the Anglican Covenant. The votes were 24 against and 2 for in the laity, 21 against and 1 for in the clergy (with two abstentions), and the bishop voted against it.

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Professor Marilyn McCord Adams against the Covenant

From the No Anglican Covenant Coalition:

FEBRUARY 14, 2012


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Reflections on Covenant and the nature of unity

The Diocese of Norwich in the Church of England has a web page highlighting papers giving arguments both for and against the adoption of an Anglican Covenant. In addition to a video talk by the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Rev. Dr. Rowan Williams, there are five papers that can be downloaded in MS Word format.

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Covenant doings: Fraser balks; the 'no' crowd gets an American patron

In Church Times, Giles Fraser says he's against the proposed Anglican Covenant.

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Anglican Covenant: Due process and the lack thereof

Not long ago I edited a study guide for the Chicago Consultation on the proposed Anglican Covenant. It was called The Genius of Anglicanism, and while it included many excellent essays, one in particular has stuck with me, perhaps because I covered a few trials during my days as a reporter.

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Band of bloggers tilting at the Covenant windmill

The Rev. Malcolm French, Canadian coordinator for the No Anglican Coalition, reports on the status of the proposed covenant with 1/3 of the Church of England synods reporting on the voting:

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The view from Salisbury's pulpit over the Covenant

Right Reverend Nicholas Roderick Holtam is the Bishop of Salisbury in the Church of England. In his Presidential Address to Diocesan Synod on February 18th, he expressed what many have thought about the proposed Anglican Covenant.

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Three videos supporting the Anglican Covenant

Episcopal priest Mark Harris writes on three videos produced by the Inter-Anglican Standing Commission on Unity Faith and Order (IASCUFO), which was tasked with offering commentary in support of the Anglican Covenant. 

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Covenant videos critiqued

Now that IASCUFO has decided to make a case for the Anglican Communion Covenant to the average Anglican in the pew, it's clear that they were never really prepared to make the case in the first place. And they certainly weren't prepared to handle serious dissent.

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Diarmaid MacColluch on the Anglican Covenant

Diarmaid MacCulloch, Professor of the History of the Church, University of Oxford, author of Christianity: the first three thousand years asks, "Anglican Covenant: where next"?" in a Letter to the Editor in the Church Times

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Covenant having a bad weekend

Last weekend three Church of England dioceses voted to affirm the Anglican Covenant. The week before three voted against. So far this week, including the vote of Sodor and Man on Thursday night, another three dioceses have voted against the Anglican Covenant.

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The ABC wants you to support the proposed Anglican Covenant

There is no clearer sign that the proposed Anglican Covenant is in some trouble than the fact that Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, feels the need to release a video in an attempt to enlist support.

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Anglican Covenant talk: Crew, MacCulloch return Williams' serve

Yesterday we told you about Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams and his video message to the Anglican Communion about why we need an Anglican Covenant. Today we find others with YouTube accounts and their own thoughtful responses.

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Anglican Covenant gathers four more "no" votes

UPDATED (see below)

Four more diocesan synods of the Church of England have rejected the Anglican Covenant in voting today. That makes the total 17 against and 10 in favor. If 22 synods vote against the Covenant it will not be taken up by the Church of England's General Synod for adoption.

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The proposed Covenant and the Gadarene swine

After yesterday's votes, there are now 17 dioceses voting against taking the next step towards an Anglican Covenant in the Church of England. That's seven more than those in the "for" category. How it fares in England, of course, is at least notionally important in light of Communion structures and personalities.

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The Anglican Covenant "following motion"

While the Church of England dioceses are voting on the question of the Anglican Covenant, there's a second resolution being in considered in just less than a quarter of the 44 dioceses. It's related to the Covenant question, but it doesn't reference the Covenant directly. It thanks the Archbishop of Canterbury for his leadership and calls on the English House of Bishops to take much more seriously their responsibility for promoting the community of the Communion.

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Does Rowan Williams understand the proposed Anglican Covenant?

Canon Alan Perry continues to offer some of the more incisive and effective criticisms of the proposed Anglican Covenant. Yesterday he took his scalpel to the recent video in support of the document released by Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury.

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Yes to Communion - No to Covenant

News release from the No Anglican Covenant Coalition:


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5 Scottish dioceses against covenant

From the blog, Not the same stream a report on the status of the covenant in the Scottish Episcopal Church:

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Anglican Covenant gathers more "no" votes

There are five dioceses of the Church of England voting on the question of the Anglican Covenant today. So far this morning two have voted and both have rejected the Covenant. Liverpool voted "no" by almost 3 to 1 margins (and both bishops voted no). St. Albans voted "no" with the laity more than two to one opposed.

We'll update this as the voting is reported.

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Bishop of Liverpool sees problems with Covenant

The Diocese of Liverpool voted strongly across all "houses" of their diocesan synod to reject the Anglican Covenant today. That degree of rejection must have been influenced by the Presidential Address of the diocesan bishop, James Jones. He sees the Covenant as a distraction to the real work of the Church.

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Anglican Covenant rejected by Church of England

UPDATED and corrected: Three of six dioceses voting today have rejected the proposed covenant, three have voted in favor. The covenant has been rejected by the Church of England

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Coverage of the Covenant vote

Reuters and the BBC have posted lengthy reports this evening on the votes that for all intents and purposes have scuttled the Anglican Covenant in the Church of England.

Reuters features a number of quotes from people that have figured prominently in opposition to the Covenant in England:

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Can the Anglican Communion start afresh?

Can the Anglican Communion start afresh after Rowan Williams steps down as the Archbishop of Canterbury? The great church historian
Diarmaid MacCulloch thinks so
. On the Guardian's website he writes:

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The ACO and the politics of being a staff member

The Anglican Communion Office released a statement from Canon Kenneth Kearon, the communion’s secretary general, on Saturday shortly after the Church of England rejected the proposed Anglican Covenant claiming that eight provinces had approved the covenant, and suggesting that the verdict in England was not final—even though that church, under its own rules, cannot take up the issue again until 2015.

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Bishop Alan on Communion after Covenant

Bishop Alan Wilson's blog has a few now-that-the-dust-has-cleared type thoughts on the question of how to proceed as the Anglican Communion in light of the news out of the Church of England concerning the rejection of the proposed Anglican Covenant.

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Is the Covenant really gone?

A majority of the synods of the Church of England have spoken and are agreeing not to return to the discussion of further supporting the proposed Anglican Covenant. But this doesn't make the Covenant a dead letter.

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Cape Town calling York: Communion through Covenant matters

The Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town, The Most Rev. Thabo Makgoba, has written to Archbishop of York John Sentamu in support of the proposed Anglican Covenant. Arguing for the Covenant as an instrument of mutual interdependence, he writes, "The Communion, and all it has the potential to be and become, under God, matters."

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In C of E, Anglican Covenant suffers another defeat

The London diocesan synod today voted against the Anglican Covenant. This brings to 24, a majority, the number of Church of England dioceses against; 23 22 dioceses against was sufficient to defeat the covenant and that number was reached this past weekend. The Church of England is, for now, an associate, not a constituent, member of the Anglican Communion -- if we take Rowan Williams at his word.

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Reactions on the apparent death of the Covenant

Thinking Anglicans and The Wounded Bird have round ups of reactions to the failure of the Anglican Covenant in the Church of England, and with it, the apparent failure of the plan in the Anglican Communion as a whole.

Giles Frasier in the Church Times writes:

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Manchester says "no" to Covenant

Manchester, the last Church of England diocese to vote until after Easter, has voted "no" to the Anglican Covenant. That brings the present vote total, including London's "no" vote this week, to 25 dioceses against and 15 in favor.

Thinking Anglican has the vote totals:

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The cult of "busyness"

Why did the bishops of the Church of England differ so strikingly from their clergy in their voting about the Anglican Covenant? Sam Norton, an English priest argues that it's because the Church of England's "stupid and ungodly culture" honors being busy more than it honors the work of the discernment of God's will.

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Wales puts the Covenant on hold.

The Governing Body of the Church in Wales has put the Anglican Covenant on hold, asking for clarity from the Anglican Consultative Council about the documents future in light of rejection by the Church of England.

Thinking Anglicans:

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A Scottish view of the Covenant

Kelvin Holdsworth, Provost of St, Mary's Cathedral in Glasgow, says that it is important for the American Episcopal Church to formally say "no" to all of the Anglican Covenant even though the issue appears to be dead in the Church of England. He says that there are subtle, but equally destructive aspects of the sections not dealing with discipline.

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Covenant resolutions: compared

Lionel Deimel analyzes the General Covnention resolutions on the proposed Anglican Covenant:

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Breaking: Scotland says NO to Covenant

The Scottish Episcopal Church has vote no on adopting the proposed Anglican Covenant.

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Smoke-filled rooms at Lambeth Palace

The Rev. Malcolm French wonders if the leaders of the Church of England are trying to sneak the Covenant in by the back door of Church of England Synod. French writes at Simple Massing Priest. In an unseemly power grab they are trying to subvert the defeat of the Covenant in the Diocesan Synods:

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On Anglican Covenant, Australian primate's diocese demurs

The Diocese of Brisbane, which is led by Archbishop Phillip Aspinall of Australia, a key player in Anglican Communion politics, has passed up a chance to support the proposed Anglican Covenant. Jonathan Clatworthy has the story gleaned from the Australian Catholic discussion board:

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Covenant: The Unfriendliness and Place-at-the Table Arguments

The Revd. Dr. Marilyn McCord Adams refutes the arguments that The Episcopal Church should sign up to the proposed Anglican Covenant or at least continue the discussion of the document and not refuse it outright. Shared with permission:

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Responses to Episcopal Church non-position on Anglican Covenant

A news release from the No Anglican Covenant Coalition:


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Taking stock

Church News Ireland takes stock of the Anglican Covenant and where it stands as of today:

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The Anglican Convenant: Where does it go from here?

Canon Alan T. Perry takes a comprehensive look at which provinces have adopted the Anglican Covenant, which have rejected it, and which ones have given qualified and even ambiguous assent. He writes:

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Badminton anyone?

This is a post about the Anglican Covenant. Bear with me.

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Bishop V. Matthews on Covenant: 'just plain wrong'

Kelvin Holdsworth, provost of St. Mary's Cathedral in Glasgow, Scotland, comments on a speech on the Anglican Covenant made by The Rt. Rev. Victoria Matthews, Bishop of Christchurch in the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia in which ...

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Church of Canada releases theology report on Anglican Covenant

The Rev. Alan Perry, Executive Archdeacon in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada comments on the recently released theological analysis of the Anglican Covenant:

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Anglican Covenant and Zombies: time for a clean sweep?

As Justin Welby prepares to become Archbishop of Canterbury, Malcolm French, convenor of No Anglican Covenant Coalition offers his thoughts:

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