Cameron: how do we make things stick?

Today Bishop Gregory Cameron conducted a 20 minute press briefing on the Windsor Continuation Report and answered questions.

ENS's Mary Frances Schjonberg writes:

Cameron continues to make covenant, Windsor case

During a briefing for reporters, Welsh Diocese of St. Asaph Bishop Gregory Cameron, who is filling out his role as deputy secretary general of the Anglican Communion until the end of the ACC meeting, said that "churches are saying [that] we are no longer sure that we can recognize authentic Christian discipleship in other churches" in the communion.

The subsequent questioning of the effectiveness of the communion's structures is "far deeper and more critical" than it was in past times of tension, he said.

Because "there's no agreed understanding of what the genius or spirit of Anglicanism is," Cameron said, the communion is "having to do a re-think about basics."

The Anglican Journal also covered the briefing.

Video of the 20 minute briefing is here. He said that with regard to the ecclesial deficit he would put things differently than the Archbishop of Canterbury. Among the basics in Cameron's mind are the authority of the instruments of Communion, and how "we make things stick."

Speaking of teflon, Schjonberg has a separate article on the ACC's call for renewal of the listening process. Colin Coward also writes about the listening process. And the not listening process.

And finally, Suzanne Lawson, the lay representative from Canada reports that the proposal to involve all of the Primates in the meetings of the ACC has died a well-deserved death.

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Cameron, Gomez, Williams. The delegates are being fed a steady diet of "the sky is falling beause the Americans won't kick out the queers." I don't think this is going to end well.

One other thing, as any good revolutionary knows, if you are going to propose a radical solution, you must assert that you live in the midst of historic crisis.

I wonder if ++Rowan Williams knows what he is doing? I´m afraid his common sense thinking has never matured and his spiritually ¨correct¨ fantasies are lofty and will be ignored by those he wishes to please...he has insisted and demanded more of us than we can, in true conscience, give to him. He has lost basic decency by what he hopes to gain.

Let's simply ask to be consigned to the outer ring of Anglicanism for a time and be done with these people.

The Church of England, defender of discrimination, has become a complete embarassment. The African churches have decided they need to persecute us. Okay, no prob, folks, whatever.

We are engaged in an enormous and historic discernment, that may or may not result in a complete reformation of the priesthood. Most will be married, some will be female, some will be Gay.

This great venture is an attempt really, by God or by "man," to repeal patriarchy and the thorough oppression of female human beings as practiced worldwide.

These are no small stakes. Either we're right or totally deluded.

But we are committed to this process, because it fits with everything else we know as faithful people and Americans, with liberty and justice for all.

All who watched Martin Luther King Jr. when we were 13 have heard the voice of prophecy, and it said then, as it's always said, "Let my people go."

That voice was so clear years ago that it was unmistakable. We may have lost our audio since then, but we're pretty sure we're hearing the same things, in hearts and parishes, across dioceses and denominations.

We believe it is the will of God that women be priests; and if it is the will of God, we have no choice but to obey it.

We believe also that it is the will of God that homosexuals be embraced and loved as members of the human family. If this is so, there aren't enough Englishmen, Ugandans or Nigerians to prevail against the Holy One—or Americans either.

We must be humble in all things; the discernment of the Church in other lands must also be heard clearly and respectfully.

But since they're not hearing (for the most part; some are) what we're hearing, then go ahead and stick us in the outer ring as mere "Historic Friends of Anglicanism." We will still keep our commitments to the Diocese of Haiti and all other areas of mission.

Set us free, Bishops and Deputies; do it this summer in Anaheim. Free us from Nigeria, Kenya and Uganda, and the irrelevant and sexist Church of England.

Set us free.

At some point in the future, one of two things will happen: either we'll conclude we were hallucinating this entire time, or Anglicanism will buy a hearing aid. We will return to full Communion, and that will be a day of feasting.

But it isn't possible now, the Communion has been broken; so set us free. Either we will wander the desert in circles, or we will find the path to the Land of Promise.

I believe God is sick and tired of treating women like chattel. And we are so blessed to be among the ones to help God put a stop to it.

Thanks be to God that in our own lifetimes, the prophets still speak. We are lucky and honored - but we must also be determined.

Josh- great ideas for GC2009

I agree with Josh. I think we should stay as connected as we are allowed to be, but still make a loud and clear "No." We need to reaffirm our commitment to the ministry of the baptized and the nondiscrimination canons and reject any proposed moratoria as the price for belonging. Our own discernment is that the Gospel not only permits but requires us to move to and beyond full and active inclusion of all. This is not a rejection of the Anglican Communion. It is the ministry we are called to within the Anglican Communion.

The hard part will be convincing bishops and deputies to self-differentiate rather than giving into the pervasive anxiety that demands a quick fix.

On a Communion level, it will get far worse before it gets better. What we need to attend to is the credibility of our own witness as the Episcopal Church. The anxious waffling since 2003 (esp. B033) has led to a situation in which we lost out on the evangelism opportunity of the decade. Not only LGBT folk, but family and friends who love God but are deeply wounded by homophobic rhetoric and practices in their churches. It's long past time to get off the fence.

The first move needs to be a round condemnation of, and disassociation with, the actions of Peter Akinola in Nigeria. If the Episcopal Church can't bring itself to condemn fascist persecution within the Anglican Communion, it has zero credibility.

Who gives a damn that TEC ordains gay people when it's silent on matters of much greater consequence and import?

Some good words from Tobias:

I hope the ACC, in its meetings this week, will not exchange the Anglican birthright for a "pot of message" — as C. S. Lewis once punned. Let them remember the motto of the Anglican Communion, inscribed around that precious compassrose: The Truth Shall Make You Free. (Emphasis mine.) It is for Freedom and in Truth that we bind ourselves together — in adherence to the Truth of Christ we shall be one, not because we are all the same (for the compass points in all directions), but because He is One, and we are One in Him.

Let Him be our Unity, not some man-made Babel of a Covenant, whose meaning is already shattering into a hundred tongues, and which offers cohesion only as adhesion by coercion.

Pace Tobias Haller and C. S. Lewis, I would love Babel. Read by Jacques Derrida, the myth of Babel represents an originary fall into a multiplicity of languages and cultures, something which should be affirmed rather than mourned. The problem with the covenant is that it takes a myth of originary unity/catholicity as achievable reality.

Vivat Babel! Down with the covenant and the silly Anglican Communion!

Gary Paul Gilbert

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